1. CharlieRay says:

    I voted disappointing but Let's Just Salvage The Season

    We need to play hard, stop the bleeding and come away with the 2nd best season in Rays history.
    This is not the time to start bashing the owners, manager - coach's or players
    Let's Just Salvage The Season. If this was any other year we'd jump with JOY and have a parade. This is not the Devil Rays. This is a good quality team and a team with a little bit of tweeking could go next year.

  2. Don says:

    This time last year Every game was exciting...and we were waiting for playoffs, then finally the series...All an unbeliveable experience for every Fan! HOW COULD YOU NOT BE DISAPPOINTED IN 2009!!!

  3. Dirtbag Fan says:

    The disappontment for me has nothing to do with how far behind New York they'll finish and a ton to do with how far below 90 wins they may land. I figured before the season began that the Rays were good for 90-94 wins, but were still going to miss the post-season, so missing the playoffs isn't the disappointing part- missing their potential win total on the other hand is.

    *don't get me wrong, missing the post-season is disappointing on a personal level, but doesn't make the season disappointing as a whole.

    • Don says:

      Let me get this right...If the Rays won 92 games and MISSED the would be happy because you predicted they would!
      Thats weird!


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