Durham 5, Memphis 3 (11). Durham won the triple-A championship on a wild pitch in the 11th. Jeremy Hellickson was named the MVP with 5 shutout innings. He allowed just 2 hits and a walk while striking out 2…Desmond Jennings finished 3-5 and drove in the first run for Durham on a ground ball past the second baseman that Jennings turned into a double. He also beat out an infield single in the 4th on which Ray Olmedo scampered home for the Bulls’ 4th run after the throw to first base…Julio DePaula survived a bases loaded, one out situation in the 10th inning when he grabbed a ground ball back to the mound and turned it into a 1-2-3 inning-ending double play.

Notes from Down on the Farm




  1. Charles says:

    Hellickson – oh man. The guy is just ridiculous. The thing he does super well is change speeds at will. Nobody had any idea what he was gonna do. Not to get completely ridiculous, but he reminded me a lot of young Pedro Marinez.

    • Charles says:

      Or even Pedro MarTinez!

    • The Rays did an excellent job of projecting Hellickson. He was only a 4th round pick back in ’05 and for good reason. He was a small right-hander that didn’t throw exceptionally hard. I think a lot of teams thought he would max out as an Andy Sonnanstine-type. But since then, he has gone from 5-11, 165lbs to 6-1 185lbs and his fastball has gone from topping out at 90 to a consistent and VERY accurate 93-94.

  2. DRR says:

    You are exactly right about changing speeds. I have had the pleasure of getting to see a number of his starts up close. I have never seen a pitcher get so many swings and missed from batters. He just makes batters look lost up there.

    • Carey says:

      Changing speeds. . . Ahh, what a concept! (Are you listening David Price?)

      • Price can change speeds. It’s just that he gives it away every time.

        • Carey says:

          I just find it incomprehensable that someone with that kind of stuff – and I assume he had a nice fastball in High School/Legion – does not have an effective changeup in his arsenal ALREADY! IMO, some of his past coaches really let him down by being just plain lazy. Why mess with a good thing, you say? Because it’s better for the kid’s future to learn it early. I’d put Kaz in the same boat, BTW.

  3. It was good to see some of the prospects play last night on TV. I came away real impressed with Desmond Jennings. He’s going to look real good in Rays gear. I’m also softening up on Rodriguez a little. He’s got a real nice swing. As for Hellboy, he looks real good out there. He just looks so young!

  4. Don says:

    I see some help for next year…
    Hellickson could be ready for 5th starter if Garza or Shields could be used for trade bait….but four “rookie” starters? hum…don’t know about that… but we really don’t have a “leader” of the staff anyway!
    Also Jennings has all the skills Upton has (speed,fielding) but is a better hitter…could be a plus for CF…time to unload a weak spot in the line up?
    Olmedo looks interesting…sub infielder? What to do with Joyce?..can’t
    make outfield with Zo in the mix…looks like a bench warmer….don’t remind me about EJ being traded for that!

    • Brett says:

      One thing is for sure- the Rays FO has some decisions to make about the roster next year. As fans, you have to feel good about all our options though. Depth like this is always a good thing to have. Rays in 2010 should be fun to watch!

    • I thought Olmedo was a Triple-A lifer. I’m not sure he’s in the plan.

      As for Jennings, I still think he’s CC’s heir apparent. The Rays may bank on Bossman having a better year next year at bargain rate salary as opposed to taking a chance that CC will take a step back at his high salary.

      • DRR says:

        Olmedo has some big-league experience, more that your average “AAA-lifer”. That said, I can’t see him in the Rays’ plans other than an emergency call-up to cover for a short-term injury. That said, he has been to the Bulls what Zobrist has been to the Rays (except without the power hitting). He basically plays where the Bulls need someone to play, and has done it well all year.

  5. Wolf68 says:

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