Before his worst start of the year, Zack Greinke had some choice words about playing baseball at The Trop

“The Rays’ PR department promotes the game like it’s a club and not a baseball game,” he told “It almost doesn’t feel like you’re playing baseball when you’re playing here. They do stupid music stuff. They have dancers everywhere, they have a DJ. They just do a bunch of stupid stuff that isn’t baseball.”

He does have a 6.00 ERA in three Domed starts this season. Here is hoping Greinke one day is traded to the Blue Jays.

Rays’ Maddon comes to Garza’s defense [Tampa Tribune]



  1. McLovin says:

    I don't know about anyone else, but this is the kind of reaction I like from visiting fans, and especially visiting players.

  2. says:

    I agree, McLovin. Part of what makes the Trop a tough place to play in. Grienke's inability to focus on the game made him very ineffective and cost him the game (and may cost him the Cy Young award). He drops to a very average 10-6 (although he does play for the Royals) and his ERA shot up from an MLB-leading 2.08 ERA to 2.36 (which dropped him all the way to #4 in MLB). That's the kind of 1-game move that can cost you big time!!!

  3. theraysparty says:

    I haven't been to another MLB ballpark so I wouldn't know the difference, which is apparently a big one in terms of in between activity. He was on the bench for six prior games at the Trop this season so he should have definitely had an idea of what goes on.

    Greinke had mental problems in the past so this shouldn't come as a surprise.

  4. Mike says:

    Just for accuracy here, that quote from Greinke was from before Monday's game. Go Rays!

  5. Don says:

    I'll take Greinke...mental problems and all...He would fit perfect with Garza and Kazmir...they could have their own club!

  6. Sonneillon says:

    It's a shame he should feel this way about playing at the Trop I bet there wasn't a player on the Rays or a fan of baseball who prior to this statement didn't have the utmost respect for this kid. While it's not the first time I've heard of someone saying this it is the first time I can recall a player openly making a statement like this.

  7. Corbitt says:

    Where are these dancers he's talking about? As for other parks, although neither are strictly baseball parks, I've been to the Metrodome and Land Shark Stadium and both do a worse job of keeping a lively atmosphere inbetween innings, in my opinion

  8. cg says:

    Are they promoting baseball in KC?

  9. bobrittner says:

    I kind of agree with Greinke up to a point. I really dislike the constant artificial noise blared at us in the ball park. I don't need cheerleaders to amp up my emotions, nor do I want continuous promotions and cutesy poo graphics. (I do kind of like the initial presentation of the lineups with the sunburst/Ray gliding over and under the bridges and crashing into the logo at the end.)

    But his complaint is really pretty silly. Except for Wrigley Field, every major league stadium I have been in bombards fans with all sorts of nonsense so that conversation is almost impossible. It probably seems worse in a domed stadium, but it is awful everywhere. I once sat in the middle tier in RF in Yankee Stadium and almost had my eardrums blown apart by a sudden blast of noise emanating from a loud speaker just behind me in a very close space between tiers.

    Wrigley is truly the best experience I have had in a stadium since the 1960s. All you hear between innings is the sound of the crowd and the vendors. Pure bliss. Baseball encourages talk and reminiscence and banter, all of which are undercut by the constant barrage of stimuli aimed at fans. It's as if they do not trust us to enjoy the game itself.

    • Beth says:

      Bob, I agree 100% I used to go to games after a long workday in the hot city just to have a place to feel the breeze and relax. I know we can't replicate the breeze at the Trop, but I would surely got to more games if they turned down the crap between innings. And even during innings they barrage us with fake cheers, musci, etc! But the Trop is hardly the only offender here, and if Greinke, like other major league athletes, needs to be able to tune it out. And jeez, if these things were really such distractions to most pitcher, wouldn't the Rays have a better offensive showing at home games?

      • bobrittner says:

        Yes, I agree. If he was complaining, it was kind of silly. But like you, I am irritated by all the artificial stimuli with which we are assaulted. I go to a lot of games with my son, and we love talking throughout the game. The noise makes it very difficult.

        • cubfanraysaddict says:

          The Trop is more like a basketball game (Magic to be exact) atmosphere than any of the other 7-8 MLB stadiums I've been to.

  10. Matt says:

    It was also family day on Sunday and parks and rec day so there are going to be lots of stupid music.

  11. CharlieRay says:

    Great! Great! I LOVE IT. Keep it up. Whatever it takes. Phillies just beat up visiting fans, Yankees throw stuff at visiting fans, BOS fans verbally abuse visiting fans. They Rays aggravate visiting fans by showing them dancing girls and playing music. We also give them the most affordable park in American sports. I guess we have the upper hand???????


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