Our apologies. When we read report that said Davis would be “likely replacement,” we thought Topkin got that from team. It might have just been his speculation. Damn you Twitter and your 140-character limit!

[8:04 pm] Marc Topkin is now reporting that the Rays will go with Andy Sonnanstine on Tuesday. However, Wade Davis could replace Sonnanstine after that one start.

[7:53 pm] Andrew Friedman spoke after today’s game and confirmed that whomever is called up (see note below) to replace Scott Kazmir, will start on Tuesday.

[4:07 pm] Jeff Niemann, James Shields and Matt Garza are now officially listed as the starters for Sunday, Monday and Wednesday respectively. And with Aki Iwamura activated today to take Scott Kazmir’s spot on the roster, Wade Davis cannot be activated until rosters expand on September 1st (Tuesday).

In other words, Davis has the unenviable task of making his big league debut on Tuesday at the Trop. Against the Red Sox. In the middle of a pennant race. In September. Yikes.

[Note: Marc Topkin reported that Wade Davis will be promoted to take Kazmir's spot in the rotation.]



  1. Justin H says:

    is 100% for sure? cause if it is this is gonna be crazy i thought the rays might use Sonny here just for a start cause Davis could be really overwhelmed with all this for his MLB Debut

    • Marc Topkin reported yesterday that Wade Davis will take Kazmir’s spot in the rotation. And Andrew Freidman confirmed after today’s game that whomever is called up will start on Tuesday.

  2. KillaTapes says:

    The Heater’s saying it’s going to be Sonny

  3. Beth says:

    I would guess that we’ll see Sonnanstine Tuesday and Davis Labor Day in the double header. They definitely will need an extra arm for that day — there are no off days in the interim.

  4. Matt says:

    C’mpn Friedman, Davis dominated the sox in spring against most of their starting lineup! Davis would win, not Sonnanstine! He’ll get crushed!

    • Beth says:

      If I recall correctly, Sonnanstine has pitched well against the Red Sox. I seem to remember that was even the case this year, he was shelled by everyone else. I don’t know how to find the statistics to back up this hunch.

      • Beth says:

        OK, well, I guess “pitched well” is relative — he faced the Red Sox once this year, giving up 2 runs in 5.2 innings in a Rays win. But given how badly he was pitching against everyone else at that time, it seemed like a good game for him!

  5. Don says:

    Reminds me of a beer commercial…
    With Andy (freaking) Sonnanstine openning a (the) most important series for a chance to be in the PLAYOFFS???
    Unbelievable…I almost wonder who really make these decisions….baseball managers or…. wall street boys with some off the wall stuff (ideas)!
    Hope it works out…. but my money is on Red Sox hitters who can’t wait to see Andy (minor league) Sonnanstine…….

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