It is all about winning series and the Rays swept the Red Sox. And in doing so, stood up and reminded the world that there are still three teams in the AL East.



  1. Scot, now becoming an long time reader says:

    I had to laugh Prof when I saw the image... but let's get serious, this is becoming old.

    I see you look at BP's PECOTA's predictions for the Ray's chances of making the playoffs. At barely 12%, it is looking bad. Using the original formula, the last calculation is 36% (before tonight) which is at least, hopeful!!! Given that PECoTA usually underestimates young players, I'm hoping the probability is somewhere in between.

    The Ray's hit the west (left) coast now. I plan to attend one of the Rays/Angels game. Unlike those who are well connected, my only hope to meet with the big wigs is to talk to the Ray's very best baseball announcer --- Todd Kalas.

  2. Scot, now becoming an long time reader says:

    Hate to say it, but a folllow up...

    The first time I visited the Grand Canyon (with Ms. Scot, now becoming a long time reader), we reached quite possibly the same turn off you see in this video clip. Except in our case it was completely dark - no Sun, no Moon - just darkness. I actually stepped over a very short retaining wall at 10 pm.

    It would not have been same victory I would have signaled, but DEATH!!!!

    Like signing Pat, be careful what one wishes for...

  3. Don says:

    Who hates playing Who..... in AL east now????


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