From time to time we are going to take a look at the 2009 attendance and see how the 2009 season stacks up against last year and whether the Rays can reach their goal of being average (in attendance).

Notes on the attendance follow the graph…

Notes on the 2009 attendance…

  • The Rays drew 1.8 million fans in 2008. That was the most since their inaugural season of 1998 when they drew 2.5 million.
  • The Rays goal for 2009 is league average which was 2.6 million in 2008 (the median was about 2.5 million). While attendance has been down most of the season, the league average has picked up recently. League average projects to be slightly less than 2.5 million (red line above) with a median of 2.3 million. The Rays would need to average 30,450 to reach league average and about 28,491 to reach the median.
  • Last year the Rays averaged 22,370 over 81 games. After 54 home games last year they were averaging 21,165.
  • This year the Rays are averaging 24,296, an increase of 14.8% over the same period last year. But that is still only 22nd in baseball.
  • The Rays are on pace for 1.97 million, which would be a 9.4% increase over last season.


  1. Brett says:

    Almost 10% growth in this economic climate is something the Ray's FO should be proud of. I know its not as large of a jump as they expected but give it time. With a winning season this year and hopefully another one next year, things will change. People will start spending money again eventually...

  2. theraysparty says:

    I think 2 mil would be a reasonable goal now. Agree with Brett that the RFO should take in this really bad economy.

  3. Brett says:

    Another thing to consider- With the pennant/playoff race heating up, that should affect attendance a little bit, hopefully boosting the total towards the end of the season. I would think just north of 2 mil would not only be reasonable, but also a good accomplishment to build on for next year. People will see after two years of great baseball that season tickets are a better investment now than in years past.

  4. Last year the Rays averaged 24,780 over the final 27 home games. If they duplicate that this year they will clear 2 million. A 14% improvement (consistent with the first 54 games) would get the Rays pretty close to 2.1 million. I think that is probably their new goal.

  5. Don says:

    Its really popular to predict dome and glome...Hey professor..!!!!
    The truth is the Rays are doing very good in attendance increases vs other other major league teams (incl NY/Ny)
    I know it kills you.... but the Rays are in the growth mode no matter what you doomsayers have predicted!!

  6. Luby says:

    Where can one get the attendace numbers for the Rays?


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