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  • The Rays next 17 games are against playoff contenders. 11 of those games are on the road and they only have 1 off-day over that stretch. Marc Topkin has some quotes from the players on the “Ring of Fire” stretch. [St. Pete Times]
  • Wait. We thought JP Howell wasn’t the closer? [St. Pete Times]
  • Marc Lancaster shows that Jason Bartlett has been one of the best clutch hitters in baseball this season. [Tampa Tribune]
  • The Rays Party takes a closer look at James Shields’ mechanics. [The Rays Party]
  • The Top 177 Devil Rays of all time rolls on. [Bugs and Cranks]
  • MetsBlog addresses whether or not the Mets have a shot at Carl Crawford this off-season. [MetsBlog]




  1. Rayhawk says:

    we also have to ask about Joe Ma's decision to not take infield practise. Hasn't our defense been a little suspect this year over last?


  2. Gus says:

    Nice to see the Mets blog assuming we're going to "clear" out Pena, CC and Kazmir. That's realistic! Maybe we can get them to take Price and Longo while they are at it.

    • Beth says:

      I think the NY fans and press all consider small market teams to be little more than farm clubs for them.

  3. Don says:

    Will be very interesting few weeks.... plus a time Rays mgt. can really see which players on this team have the heart for competition! (2010 Trades)
    My guess on players who WILL perform:
    Zo, JB, CC Niemann, Price
    Players..... that we CAN'T win if they don't play to their ability:
    Pena, Longo, Burrell, Upton, Gross Shields, Kazmir, Garza, Howell
    Forgotten.... with little impact in short time left:
    Navarro, Aybar, Kaplar, AKi,
    Rest of year..... playoff run best indication of the future for these players!

  4. Gus says:

    Aki got Wally Pipped by Zobrist, but I think he could be helpful in September to this team. Most importantly, what arm(s) from Durham is going to help out?

    • Beth says:

      I was thinking that if Aki returns in reasonably good shape he could share 2nd base with Zobrist, and have Zobrist alternate in right field. We'd have less of the Gabes and a much stronger line-up.

      • Gus says:

        Or LF (heaven forbid) if CC's back keeps acting up. He's also another way to keep Aybar's glove away from actually being used, which is a good thing.


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