1. Rome says:

    Look, I love Riggins being a Ft. Lauderdale boy and all but, I think Michel is the way to go. Over the last three years what has Riggins proved? He can't through out runners, he is a fast ball swinging, and VERY injury prone. What has Michel proven? He is grateful for the opportunity and he will give everything he has. Michel deserves to be up. The Rays should also bring up Lobaton as well, while we are talking about roster moves in September.

  2. Matt says:

    Hernandez and Lobaton. Lobaton has played pretty good down in Montgomery and Hernandez I love. He really loves being able to play even if it's several times in two weeks. He's thrown out speedy guys like Chone figgins, and always gets one hit, usually a RBI single. I think Riggans is better overall but Hernandez loves the game and has proven to be one of the sleeper back-up catchers. Let's go RAYS!


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