1. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Should we vote with our hearts or our heads?

    • Justin says:

      Always use your head. 34% Rays? Please. We’re starting to sound like Sux fans.

      If you don’t use your head when you vote, you end up with people who are utterly unqualified to hold off… I mean the wild card.

      Oh, wait the Rays already voted last night: for a longer offseason apparently.

      • Dirtbag Fan says:

        That’s hilarious, I was leaving the bait, just so I could use the president as an example of why we shouldn’t vote from our hearts… you’re reading my mind (sort of).

        • Beth says:

          Can we leave politics off this site, please? Many of us are quite happy with our president, and more importantly are happy to come to a website where the only “polarization” is between those who think Sonnanstine should be one of the five starters and those who think he belongs in Durham. There are many other website out their for those who want to trash the President.

  2. Beth says:

    Sorry that should be “websites out there..” see, just introducing the topic of politics makes me lose my bearings!

  3. Don says:

    Rats on a sinking ship (politics or sports) always get nervous (sensitive)!

  4. Justin H says:

    they still have 10 games against the orioles and a 8 game home stand coming up, i think the season will be decided, if they’re still close, when the go to New York for 4, the Baltimore for 3, then Boston for 3. If they’re still close that could decide it, don’t give up just yet it was a terrible trip yes, but they have enough games against the sox and 3 against Texas where it is possible to make up ground

    • Dirtbag Fan says:

      Possible, indeed.

      My personal take (not that you asked for it) is that the Rays have about a 35% chance of making the playoffs.

      But even that leaves a 65% chance that they don’t.

      Those are easy odds if you’re a betting man.

  5. Justin H says:

    I know this is off topic, but I heard Sonny was claimed off waivers and was quickly pulled back. Does anyone know if this is true and also if there is any chance he’ll get moved?

  6. Myrna says:

    I watch every single game and attend many of them as a season ticket holder. So many games have been such a disappointment, however, I still refuse to give up on our Rays. The fat lady has not sung yet! I’ll let you know when I hear her trying to warm up…I hope not!

  7. stunna says:

    psst….not like it matters, but Jonny Gomes hit three home runs ealier tonight :)

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