Jonah Keri brings up the topic of Carl Crawford and just how good he has been this season.

Add up all of his talents and you have a player who deserves consideration for American League MVP honors this season. Crawford ranks sixth among AL position players with 4.1 Wins Above Replacement (WAR) level so far this season…

CC is on pace to set a career-high in batting average, obliterate his career-high in OBP, approach his career-high in home runs and steal a kazillion million bases. And at 28 he is also already a 3-time all-star. Unfortunately, as Keri mentions, this could be his last with the Rays.

Crawford’s playing like an MVP, but is this his last hurrah in Tampa? []



  1. Don says:

    This is not a slam on CC, he has done a lot for the Rays..
    But MVP in league???
    He may not be the best player on his team!
    Bartlett is trying to carry the whole team on his back...and Longo now looks like the young 2008 Longo....His final figures could make CC's look just good!
    But for sure, these three are the best players on this hard to carry the rest!

  2. Amanda says:

    I just see the Rays getting rid of Kazmir before they'd get rid of Crawford.

  3. Don says:

    They can get rid of anyone..I mean ANYONE...besides Longo, Bartlett, and Keep CC....They can build a team with those 4!

  4. MJ says:

    agreed, get rid of kaz before cc.

  5. Mark says:

    Normally he couldn't win without the chicks dig the long ball type stats. Last year Pedroia won it without those and this year nobody stands out again so he definitely has a chance. I'd give the edge to Teixeira right now and I think that the year Chone Figgins is having could hurt Crawford since he is the same kind of player and leading the AL in runs scored for a playoff team.

    Teixeira should be discredited a little for the Yankee Stadium right field factor, but that gets offset since he plays in the large market.


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