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  1. Don says:

    Who's Not...you forgot Navarro...unless you have a new catagory...
    Who's nothing: Navarro

    • well, it would be a little hard to put him on there 2 days after he had a double, a home run and drove in 3 against the Rangers.

      • Don says:

        Isn't that the game they got beat 10 to 3 or something like that...
        I'm still waiting for him to get a hit when they are 1-2 runs down....
        I really can't remember that happening this year....
        Is M. Hernandez still alive...with his .280 Avg... dying on the bench!

      • Don says:

        Another good example of Navarro's poor performance.....
        Sitting here watching the game and Navarro hits a little weak ground ball
        with the bases loaded (4th Inning) and 2 outs...oh well... I'm used to it..
        Does Maddon like (man crush) little fat spanish guys.....

  2. Don says:

    Forgot..there was a substitute Radio Talk show host on 620 am, 4-6pm, Monday on the "Big-Dog" show saying Zobrist was NOT deserving of being on the team...there were too many good players left off....
    I need help....I can't find my gun!

  3. stunna says:

    The Burrell signing is starting to make me sick. Jonny Gomes has done way more for the Reds than Burrell has done for us, and in half as many at-bats. Not only is Jonny more productive but also much cheaper and it's clear that everyone misses him.

    I really hope Pat steps it up. Right now, this past offseason is really making our front office guys look bad.

    • Dirtbag Fan says:

      I know Pat the Patient hasn't been good at all, but Johnny Gomes???

      Please, please, please don't ever compare Jonny Gomes to a real player! If anyone on the Rays miss him its because they need entertained in the clubhouse/dugout

      • stunna says:

        REAL player? Jonny is as real as it gets.

        The numbers don't lie either. Go check for yourself. Unlike some players, he is clearly earning his salary

      • Don says:

        Burrell has moved down to Jonny Gomes level...in.. fact I'm sorry Jonny!

      • Beth says:

        Thanks Dirtbag fan, for a bit of a reality check here. Jonny Gomes is like one of those hockey players who is kept on the team just to mix it up during a fight. But whereas hockey is a contact sport, where that kind of physicality has a real role, in baseball you just don't need to hold a roster spot for a guy just because he's not afraid to throw a punch. Gomes had the occasional hot spurt as a hitter, but for the most part he was a sure pop-up or strike-out. You'd blink and he'd have two strikes on him! His throwing arm is mediocre....I love his spirit, but that's not enough. The fact that Burrell has been a disappointment doesn't mean that Gomes was or is the answer, any more than Navi's bad season makes me long for Toby Hall (he was a nice guy, too).

  4. Mark says:

    Guess it's fair to say Pat the bat played like most guys do in a contract year in 2008.

    And in 2009 when he got the contract, he played like most players do after they get the contract.


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