1. Don says:

    Trade for what?? Maybe trade some payroll out of here...Be hard to find someone who could start in this line up...Why get another bench player...we have a couple of the best now!
    Give some of the young players a chance from the minors...same thing as a trade!

  2. Sam A says:

    This team is good enough to make the playoffs without any trades. Having said that, I would like to see them upgrade at catcher.

  3. theraysparty says:

    the Rays front office will always be looking at ways to improve the team. A trade isn't too likely with a couple players coming back from the DL soon. Still, we can't rule an injury or possible cash pickup like what they did to get Bradford last season.

  4. Don says:

    OK I change my mind...

    Trade: Navarro for a real catcher or let Hernandez play
    Burrell for another clubhouse "dog", rid of 6m, let Aybar DH
    (a mistake is a mistake....move on...)


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