1. Dirtbag Fan says:

    What does Lee's contract look like?

  2. Michael says:

    I'm thinking that Davis + Brignac is a little much. If Davis goes over in a trade he should be a big enough chip that including a couple of lesser prospects ought to get it done.

    Here's a question for you Prof: If we trade Davis and Brignac for Cliff Lee today, how do you reshuffle the rotation to make room for him?

    • Jim says:

      I agree with what someone said on here earlier, you would have to send Price down, unless Kaz goes on the DL again.

    • The Professor says:

      Have long thought Price is back to bullpen eventually to conserve innings on his arm. But is it too soon for that move? If so, Price is back to Durham. UNLESS they find a trade partner for Kazmir which might be their first choice. So then it really becomes Kazmir, Davis and ? For Lee, a couple of very good prospects and 2 first rd draft picks in 2011 (Compensation for losing Lee to free agency) Gotta see the unknowns but chances are I'd make those deals.

  3. Sam A says:

    Lee should be a type-A free agent.

    I voted yes, but I had to think about it a little first.

  4. Justin H says:

    it's so tough but there more i look at our farm system it's hard to say that the rays couldn't give up Davis. If we can move Kaz then I'd do the deal, but I just don't like the idea of moving Price back to the minors. But Cleveland isn't going to take Kaz so the question would be are there any suiters for Kaz? Maybe Houston? They're in the hunt and could use a young arm in the rotation and I think they could take on his salary, is this a crazy idea?

    • Charles says:

      I also follow the Astros, and they pretty much have zero payroll flexibility according to Ed Wade & Drayton McLane. They also don't have any prospects the Rays would want back in a trade for Kazmir, unless the Astros are willing to part with Hunter Pence and some lower tier guys.

      • Justin H says:

        okay yeah i didn't really look into it I just threw a team out there, thanks for clearing it up for me

      • Jsess says:

        I'm sure the Rays would love Jason Castro to replace Navi

      • Sam A says:

        The Rays need to move some salary, so maybe they would not demand too much for Kaz. A lot depends on whether they think he can right himself. He's had a few good outings since coming back, but today doesn't look too good so far.

  5. cg says:

    I know nothing. But I would rather see price in middle relief, and either of the two big SPs on the market in the rotation. I know Price's future is as a SP... but he did nicely in the relief role during the playoffs and I think he could do more for the team there.

    What happened to Sonny? Could he replace a prospect?

  6. cg says:

    And a side note... I was falling asleep the other night thinking about what might have been last season. How crazy was it that we were two minutes from having Jason Bay?

  7. Wally Pipp says:

    With rumors that the Red Sox are also interested in Lee, this move may happen to avoid (or in retribution for) last year's Jason Bay situation.

    The Indians are looking for pithing in return, so instead of Brignac, it'll likely be another prospect pitcher (Barnese or Talbot?) or a current bullpen guy (Shouse?).

  8. Charles says:

    Sonny, Wade Davis, Brignac to Cleveland for Lee/V-Mart & salary relief?

    Dammit, I really have to stop myself from speculating. I was all excited about Jason Bay last year and now I hate how much I have to hear his name on a daily basis.

  9. Rome says:

    I would say yes for this one. But I would rather try to give up Houser, Talbot and Ruggiano. But, I know that would NEVER get the deal done.


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