1. Charles says:

    This is hard. I mean, as of right now, I don’t think anyone can argue the fact that Crawford is the greatest all-time Rays player. But even with that, you look at his numbers and don’t see number-retirement worthy statistics. I just don’t know how to vote on this one. I guess I’d lean toward yes, if only because he’s the first, longest lasting talent to come out of the system.

  2. Don says:

    This better NOT be his last year……$10m or not….
    Purcell gone (4m), trade other payroll if necessary for prospects…..
    SAID BEFORE: Crawford IS the Rays….pay him!!!
    Look he’s a multi-time all star…you can’t replace those kind of players..
    The Red Sox or Yankees would find a spot for him…that would be wonderful for the Rays!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. leningan says:

    agreed Don… would hate to see CC go. Prof, what are the chances we get rid of burrell before the beginning of next season to free up some payroll? Don’t we get a 1st round pick for that as well? Also, if Kaz comes back with a strong second half, do we shop him? I would much rather pay CC and get rid of Pat and Kaz (aki too?), as we have replacements for these two (or three). There is no replacement for Carl. Nando? maybe but certainly not yet. Jennings? not ready. Also, I think keeping Carl would go a long way with BJ’s contract discussions. Just a thought…

    • Don says:

      BJ is 100% gone if his man Crawford is traded…Then.. where is our outfield… and please don’t say Joyce, Gabe & Gabe!!
      Usually I won’t care about this, but players feelings about “their” club and the other players go a long way for success!!

      • ClemsonRay says:

        Upton is under contract until 2012.

        • Don says:

          Next year is 2010… so in 2 years our (successful) outfield is gone!

          • Sam A says:

            A lot can happen in two years. Keeping Upton happy so that he doesn’t leave via free agency isn’t a good enough reason to keep CC. Even if they keep CC, they could still decide to part with Upton at some point.

          • Rome says:

            You don’t follow the organization much, do you? “In two years our successful outfield is gone.” If BJ does go, we have talent down the pipe that could either developer or could be traded for to replace BJ, if need be. Please extend your right hand and pull turn on the light that is over your head. Your corner that you putting your self in is too dark to see anything.

    • i think the team would much rather keep Crawford and move Burrell at this point, but would anybody take him? he cant play D, and his bat is shite now. If Burrell had a big second half then you might be on to something. as for Kaz?? i still think the Rays would prefer to keep him. a young lefty that we know CAN be a consistent pitcher and his price is reasonable for a lefty starter. plus, i think the Rays are done shopping starters for a while.

  4. Rome says:

    Devil’s advocate, if the Rays chose to go younger and cheaper, you have Fernando Perez in CF, Desmond Jennings in LF, and Joyce in right. Do think this is going to happen? NO. What do I want? I want CC to RETIRE as a Ray. He has done everything this organization has asked of him. He deserves the opportunity to be treated as he legs of the team, not the face because that IS Evan Lorgoria.

    Grated, the organization is young so it’s not completely out of the norm for CC to be tops in 8 different categories. CC will be the standard that all other outfielders will be judged. So, in that regard, CC’s number should be retired.

  5. Don says:

    Sam..you want a “good” enough reason to keep CC…. Watch the games!

  6. Rome says:

    Correction: Sam, is I am replying to, not Don.

  7. Justin H says:

    if he stays a ray his whole career and continues to produce like he is then yes, but if he leaves after this season no way.

  8. Brad V says:

    I would much rather have CC’s # retired now, even if he is gone after this year, than have Boggs # retired, period.

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