1. Don says:

    Not PROSPECTS......
    but HALLADAY... I'll live with it....all the way to the playoffs!

  2. Rome says:

    The Rays are a in the playoff hunt. Why would they want to trade their no. 2 spot hitter who will give them a baserunner 37% of the time for a unproven, but great potential, pitching prospect? Who would the Rays slip into the number 2 spot that would equal the production of CC? Who would run the pitch count up and take as many pitch as CC? Who cover the field and save how many extra pictches and make outs as CC? You could probably give two or three guys that can do one or two of the things that CC DOES but not all. Right now it would make no sense to trade CC if the Rays are in the playoff race. If the Rays were sitting in the Blue Jays seat, then yes it would make sense. The Rays are 3.5 games out of the wild card and 4.5 from first place in the East with 18 games comming up against the first and second place team in the East.

    • Don says:

      Wasteful thinking... but Bartlett would be perfect for 2nd spot...
      Hits better than Crawford...and 3rd best base runner on team!
      Aki/Aybar at 2nd, Zo in left, live with Gross in right....
      Halladay as MAIN MAN on mound!

  3. Pudieron says:

    I think CC is having a great year at the plate and makes up for the fact that he has a below-average throw with his ability to run down difficult catches. A good arm can save a run at the plate, and we have two good arms in the outfield already between Bossman and Gabe(s). I think CC's production at the plate more than makes up for his arm, and while it would suck to lose him in the offseason because of his price tag, I just can't see how we would make up for losing him if we have any real prospect of making the playoffs this year. He's too important in that #2 spot, even if Aki comes back in August.


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