Good catch by reader Justin, who points out that on Saturday night, the Rays may have worn the wrong cap. For throwback night, the Rays wore the home jerseys from 1998 and 1999, but they wore the “away” cap of 1998.

In 1998, the home caps had a purple bill and in 1999 they switched to a “TB” cap.

Our memory is a little fuzzy on this one, so does anybody recall whether or not the 1998 Devil Rays would have worn the all-black cap at home?

Also of note, we vaguely remember the Devil Rays also wearing a “TB” cap in 1998 similar to the 1999 style, only the “TB” was a little more rainbowy like the front of the jersey. That cap can be seen on Tony Saunders in this baseball card and on several Devil Rays in this image. Was this “TB” cap just a spring training cap, or did the Devil Rays wear those during their inaugural season?



  1. I’m trying to put that entire night behind me. Regardless of what hat they wore, they still looked like it was 1998.

  2. Nate says:

    The Rays wore the correct hat depending on the point of view. The uniform was the first issue made by the Devil Rays in March 1995 when we were awarded the franchise, logos were unveiled, and merchendise was sold. Prior to the start of play in 1998 the Rays came up with the TB hat which was used both at home and on the road. The hat that was worn on saturday was only used in competition once or twice. So if their goal was to play in their “first” unis, then mission accomplished, but if they wanted to show off their on-field duds from 98 then they played with the wrong hat.

  3. Tim says:

    They did have the TB because I have the hat

  4. says:

    Worst unifroms, EVER! And, they played like it was 1998 also. I don’t ever want to see those uniforms again! I am not into blaming the red caps or bad uniforms, but why on earth would anyone want to relive the early years of this franchise? Whoever made that decision was not thinking clearly.

    • It was a curious decision indeed. On the one hand I don’t think a lot of fans were clammoring to see the unis again, unlike the Bucs orange which I think a lot of fans do want to see if only for one game. So then maybe the team did it to push merchandise. But I was told that no trowback gear was available at the stadium. So maybe it was to sell tickets. But they did it on the same night as a postgame concert. Those games always draw well. So I can’t think of why they did it other than because they could.

  5. Nate says:

    What a strange time that was. We had spent decades courting owners of franchises with so much history (A’s, White Sox, Giants) and a few others to boot. When the announcement came that day in March that we finally were awarded a team. When the name and uni came out, it was certainly a departure from what we had been picturing with the three aforementioned teams.

    Good times.

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