Jonny Gomes has a 144 OPS+ in 45 games this season and has homered in 3 of the past 6 games.




  1. Jesse says:

    I miss Gomes 🙁

  2. Sublime says:

    Johnny Gomes, Cliff Floyd, and Eric Hinske...I'm not sure what they guys brought to the locker room, but it appeared to be a calming effect (Calm and Gomes not in the same sentence) but it appears they brought an "it" factor that appears to be missing from the club this year.

  3. Amanda says:

    There are some things that stats can't quantify. Heart is one of them. Now, if you're rich enough, you can buy all the stats you need. When you're winning on a shoestring budget, you must have heart somewhere in the mix.

  4. Rome says:

    Maybe having to prove himself all over again is what Jonny needed. I wished that I could say I enjoyed having Jonny on the team. I can't. He was fun to see on the bench, but it was painful to watch him strike out and allude that his .182 batting average was because of a lack of consistent at bats. Don't get me wrong back '05 he was a beast. I I loved what he brought to the team that year. But, he never met the promise that he made to us back in '05. Whether it was the injuries, lack of pop, or the ugly strike outs there was always something that made me forget about the awesome curly-haired power hitter that showed up in '05.

    Best wishes for a strong and successful career Jonny G.

    One last thing, I am sure what we feel right now looking at Jonny Gomes is what Tigers/A's/Rangers/Yankees/ Red Sox fans felt looking at Carlos Pena in '07.

  5. stunna says:

    Jonny, Cliff, Hinske and Rocco were a huge part of this team in more ways than one. The departure of all four guys has had a significant impact. I'd say the same for Percy, but one could argue that his on-field performance kind of cancels out the positive influence he had on the team.

    I still am unhappy that we let Jonny go. Everyone knows that he had a tremendous impact in the clubhouse and the community. He plays with more heart than anyone and always told it like it is. His numbers haven't been too great since the injuries he suffered in early '06, but he has obviously been working hard and it's paid off for him.

    And before the haters start the "he's not a real player" talk, check the stats - the numbers don't lie. He's getting a chance to play and making the most of it. Unfortunately it isn't in a Tampa Bay uniform. I've had the chance to see a lot of Reds games lately and he's looked solid at the plate all year. With all this talk about shedding payroll it'd be nice if we had kept Gomes and never signed Burrell, but hindsight is 20-20 I guess.

    • Beth says:

      Sorry, I'm with Rome (above). I'm glad Jonny is doing well, but he did not have major league at-bats most of last year. It was either a strike-out or a pop-up -- and usually on about 3 pitches. He had that one amazing at-bat where he fouled off a dozen pitches and then hit a grand slam -- but that was memorable in part because it was so out of character.

      With rosters set at 25, you just can't hold a spot for someone because he's a great guy and will dash across the field to punch out Coco Crisp.

      I hope he does well this year, but I won't be surprised if his numbers don't hold up. Remember he did very well in the first part of 2005, and then the pitchers seemed to figure him out and it was downhill from there.

  6. Amanda says:

    I was having this conversation with someone else in another post. Sometimes it takes being traded (different scene, different management style) for a player to blossom (or re-blossom). Yes, it would have been nice to still have him here, but would he have produced like this. Or, if he was here, he may not have produced like he is now, but would he have affected others around him?


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