One year ago on Rays Index we wrote about a Ben Zobrist home run that ended a 7-game losing streak and may have saved the Rays season. Just as important was Eric Hinske’s walk that preceded the home run.

Benny Boo Boo’s Shot That May Have Saved Rays Season [Rays Index]




  1. Jsess says:

    Maybe the biggest hit in franchise history

    • Justin H says:

      one of the biggest, but I gotta say the Dan Johnson pinch hit home run in Boston that kept them in first was bigger

  2. DCGNation says:

    This year is going to be just like last year, except we’re going to win the World Series this year, GO RAYS!!!

  3. theraysparty says:

    my All-Time favorite home run I had seen live at the Trop.

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