hangoverUnless you have tickets for tonight’s Rays game, you will not be subjected to the horror that is the Rainbow Warriors uniforms. First pitch is scheduled for 6:08pm, to accomodate the post-game concert. This start time, falls within Fox TV’s blackout restrictions. The Rays will be wearing throwback uniforms that were worn in the team’s first three seasons (1998-2000).



  1. Danny says:

    I wonder if they will pay their own fines for using the moniker “Devil Rays”?

    • forgot to mention that. It was either Stu or Matt, but somebody gave everbody a 1-day get of jail free card and said it was ok to call te team the Devil Rays. Even th radio guys are calling them the Devil Rays today.

      • Amanda says:

        Holy crow! I was just doing some last-minute errands before I leave for France tomorrow (woo!), and the game is now available on MLB.tv!!! And it’s the MLB Network feed with our radio team!

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