After every game Todd Kalas will interview a player . As is customary in baseball, if that player was especially good that night, he will get a “pie” of shaving cream to the face during the interview. This happened last night to Jeff Niemann, with Dioner Navarro delivering the blow.

But last night something strange happened. It appears as though Navi got a little help from none other than Todd Kalas. For the first time all season, Kalas conducted his postgame interview while sitting down.

You see, Niemann is 6’9″ and Navi is only 5’9″. Trying to deliver a shaving cream pie to the face from behind would have been difficult for Navi if Niemann was standing. An obvious solution would be to get Niemann while he was sitting down. And Kalas delivered.

If we were Kalas, we would be watching our back for a while. We have a feeling Niemann will want to exact some “revenge.”



  1. joebucsfan says:

    This post illustrates the sheer genius of RaysIndex. Couldn't wrap my head around how Todd Kalas might have been involved last night, but something seemed fishy. A good retaliation would be to mess up Kalas' hair, if it'll move.

  2. Eli says:

    That look on Niemann's face is classic. He knew right away that Kalas was involved.

  3. Amanda says:

    Puh-leeze. I knew it was a set-up from the word go. I even missed the first part of the interview, and as soon as I saw he was sitting, I knew he was being primed for a pie in the puss.

    I'm still waiting to see what the other jockularity was from last night. (I'm downloading a program right now, and my wussie computer can't handle that and playing right now .... and I just remembered I wanted to go back and look.) What was the deal with everyone laughing at Navi? It happened while he was on the bases.

    Un-Rays-related, did anyone see the Mariners cranking on Junior Griffey in the dugout last night when he scored from first? Even Ichiro was making fun of how he ran. It was hilarious!

  4. theraysparty says:

    Navi should have used a ladder instead.

  5. Brian H says:

    to the contrary, i was standing right there when it happened. todd claimed he had positioned him self so they could see him coming. he looked in sheer amazement that he didnt, he even looked at the cameraman and said "man, i never saw him , did you?" to be honest you would of thought navi was bj upton, it was ridiculous quick, from one end of the dug out, he rounded all the way out to the field, and ran in, it was real quick, no joke.

  6. Betty D. says:

    Fun to watch. Chance of injury to our most valuable player's vision. It isn't just the concoction but the force that is used to push it in their faces.

  7. mgrad92 says:

    Of course, given that Kalas is a foot shorter than Niemann, it might just have been physically awkward for him to interview him standing up, too ...


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