Cliff Lee has been traded by the Indians to the Phillies. MLB Trade Rumors has all the details.

Meanwhile, an anonymous GM has confirmed to Jon Heyman what we had been hearing about Carl Crawford. That he is available, or at least was at one point recently.

Tampa Bay will consider anything, and one competing GM swears [the Rays] briefly dangled outfielder Carl Crawford a few weeks ago.

So, no Lee. No Roy Halladay (probably). Without a pitcher coming back to the Rays, it now seems highly unlikely that the Rays will move Scott Kazmir before the end of the year.



  1. Charles says:

    Yeah, I agree, Big Game Beef-K is here for the duration of the season. The only extremely slim chance I see him moving is if the price (or "AL East Luxury Tax", more accurately) on Halladay comes down now that one of his top suitors is off the board.

  2. Zander Srodes says:

    Did we really think Cliff Lee was coming to us? I never did i am just happy he is not coming to our division. Roy to the Sox does not worry me to much because we have already shown we have his number this year. The Lee deal may mean that the Indians will be looking to dump Victor, but does picking up that big of a contract and trading our best prospects make sense to a team that is hopeing to keep our best player in our franchise history, CC. I think our core is good enough to make a run we have chances in the next week to be right there. If we finish this series with a win, KC comes to town and then we have a head to head with Boston. This looks good to me KC one of the worst teams in the league at the trop then Boston who we play very well at home. The Rays have made this rise in power by devolping one of the best farm systems and i dont see the point of giving up Davis when we are a formidable team going forward.

  3. Sandy says:

    Noooo.. We're dangling CC?

  4. leningan says:

    absolutely agree Zander... I am on record as not being a "huge fan" of VMart, but even if I was clamoring for him, I wouldn't want to mortgage the future for a year and a half (or however long his current contract is) of him if it also meant saying goodbye to CC. I just don't think Martinez would push us over the top and into the playoffs. It's all about our starting pitching and hopefully they pick it up for the remainder. Now, if we are serious about dealing Pena... martinez might make more sense...

  5. Gus says:

    All this anonymous stuff is frustrating. Imagine you are a GM for Texas. You want to get in the Rays kitchen. You tell the illustrious Jon Heyman they were dangling CC a few weeks ago -- well that gets reprinted and now damages his morale and fan morale. No honor among theives anymore I guess. As they noted on Sports Reporters, Roy Halladay has assumed mythic status in the last 3 weeks when most of the country has never seen him pitch. MLB trade rumors are approaching the level of college football recruiting for outright lying and rumor-mongering.

    All that said, maybe the Rays should threaten Kazmir with a trade every week.

  6. Justin says:

    Ugh. What a letdown.

    We seem destined to be spoilers this year.


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