phpRjxQsnLast year the Phillies cheated their way to a world title* beating our beloved Rays in the World Series.

So maybe the Clearwater Threshers should have realized that the Rays weren’t likely to be good-humored about the idea of honoring the WFC* with bobbleheads in the Rays’ own backyard.

…the Philadelphia Phillies’ minor-league team in Clearwater was caught off base when it learned its bobblehead giveaways, featuring stars from last season’s World Series victory, would have to be abruptly canceled.

The Rays recently informed the Phillies that they were enforcing a licensing agreement that prohibits the use of other Major League Baseball brands by minor-league teams within the Tampa television market, said Jason Adams, assistant general manager of the Clearwater Threshers.

So take that Philadelphia. We’ll call it square now, cool? Cool.

Promotion nixed for Clearwater team in Rays’ territory [Tampa Tribune]

*no we are not bitter about it. Why do you ask?



  1. Rome says:

    Do have a bobble-head of an Umpire w/ a shrinking strike zone? That’s my hero of the World Series!

    • Dirtbag Fan says:

      Do you have a bobblehead of the Rays suddenly deciding to suck… cuz that’s my world series Phillies’ MVP

      • Joe D. says:

        How about one of the players in the rain, or better yet stuck in a hotel, or changing hotel’s for 2 days, that was my MVP

      • Rome says:

        I would like a bobble-head of Longoria Tagging Rollins in the butt and being called safe. That’s my MVP. Or Bud Selig w/ a rule book, that’s my MVP.

  2. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Do you have a bobblehead of certain Phillies with syringes in their butts? cuz that was their MVP

  3. Brixology says:

    This has nothing to do with this post, but I have to comment on the tweet about the Mets bullpen. Switzer AND Stokes? I am now openly campaigning for them to add Camp. If you’re going to start, finish the job.

    • Joe D. says:

      And didn’t Al Reyes pitch for them in the Minors at least last year after the Rays ditched him…Reyes wasn’t all that bad I suppose, at least not in save situations….

  4. I says:

    Do they have a red soxs falling just a hair short? Thats my World Series MVP.

  5. Jeff Crupper says:

    LOL…obviously you aren’t bitter.

  6. Maggie says:

    “So take that Philadelphia. We’ll call it square now, cool?”

    Sure, it’s cool. We have the World F. Champions and Tampa has ensured that anyone who happens to be a Threshers fan will probably not darken the Trop anytime soon. Which is good. Because it’s not like the Rays need any more fans or anything.

    • Rome says:

      The 50 fans who attend the ballgame will really help attendence. Yeah, you got it. This is the Tampa Bay Rays area. It’s bad enough the Rays have to see “world series champions” banner being waived not but twenty minutes from the Trop, but now the Thrashers want to hand out bobble-heads to the 14 fans that show up in between the rain-delays? No thank you. If the Thrasher don’t like it, they can relocate for all I care. Teams like the Tampa Yankees and the Clearwater Thrashers keep the Bay area a minor league town, where the Rays make our area a major league destination. Give me a break. If roles were reversed, and the Rays had a minor league team w/ in 60 miles of Philly, they would be burn to the ground for trying something like this. It’s sick.

      • Captain Quint says:

        14 fans that show up between rain delays?? Really? The Threshers have lead the league every year in attendance since 2004 last year alone they averaged 3000 a game. Get your facts straight. The minor leagues are on the rise in attendance all across the country for the value of your dollar at a ballpark.

        The THRESHERS (see that is spelled with an E, they aren’t a hockey team from Atlanta) and the Phillies have been a part of this community as a minor league organization in this area for 25 years and I don’t see them EVER relocating with Spring Training here.

        The Grapefruit league for Spring Training and the Florida State League have been baseball instutions in Florida for a very long time, they aren’t going anywhere. The Rays just need to deal with the split market down in this area.

        Going after a minor league team is beyond the pale. It has never been an issue before ANYWHERE IN AMERICA and they Rays are not going after any of the other MiLB teams in the area. World Series Sour Grapes.

        They should rename the team the Charlotte Sour Grapes when they move the team to North Carolina when all the band wagoners eventually get off the wagon.

  7. Maggie says:

    “If roles were reversed, and the Rays had a minor league team w/ in 60 miles of Philly, they would be burn to the ground for trying something like this. It’s sick.”

    Oh, really?

    Just so you know, the Trenton Thunder is the Double-A affiliate of the New York Yankees. Distance from Philly: 25 miles (for comparison, Philadelphia’s Double- and Triple-A affiliates are in Reading and Allentown, PA at distances of 48 and 45 miles respectively). A quick check of the Thunder’s website shows that they have their own bobblehead series with Joba Chamberlain, Phil Coke, and Brett Gardner among others, as well as replica jerseys and a Wang statue giveaway.

    If the Phillies don’t have a problem with the Thunder’s Yankee-themed promotions, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t care if the Rays hypothetical Philly-area minor league affiliates handed out Rays crap in Philly’s backyard.

  8. Captain Quint says:

    The fact of the matter is that no MLB team has EVER gone after a minor league team for this ‘rule’.

    This is a sour grapes issue over the loss in the World Series and the Rays should be ashamed of themselves quite frankly.

    This move makes them look like the bush leaguers here.

    just because they had the ‘right’ to do this doesn’t make them ‘right’

    • Dirtbag Fan says:

      Yep, you’re right- the Rays fans, team, and organization as a whole should take losing the World Series like a grain of salt and move on as if nothing happened…
      are you kidding?
      If everyone moved past that ridiculous flop of a performance in the Classic without having sour grapes and or animosity then they are not baseball fans.
      Sour Grapes?
      Damn right!
      Deal with it!

      • Captain Quint says:

        Well your argument is exactly why the Rays look like the petty organization. They are claiming ‘territory’ yet ONLY going after one minor league team when multiple teams in the area are doing promotions that include their MLB affiliates.

        If the Rays had gone after the Yankees, Blue Jays, Reds, Flying Tigers AND the Threshers then it wouldn’t have looked bad…but they didn’t, they went after 1 team claiming territorial rights….that is petty.

        NEVER in 11 years has this been an issue with the Rays…now it is and it is pathetic. Again this is never happened ANYWHERE else in the country…no MLB team has done this to another MiLB team…EVER.

  9. bobblebum says:

    Wah, Wah… typical loser org…

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