No idea why this suddenly popped up on YouTube, or how long it will last before it is pulled, but in honor of the third anniversary of his professional debut, here is Evan Longoria’s first big league home run.



  1. Riles says:

    Dewayne Staats sounds so geeked when the ball leaves the yard. Kinda miss that magic from last year.

    • cyl says:

      I know...I love it though...maybe I'm a bit biased 🙂
      "There's a drive...high and deep...and gone!"

  2. Justin H says:

    that was such a crazy game

  3. Aaron G (Christianrocker90 on youtube) says:

    I can tell you why it popped up suddenly on YouTube, cause I uploaded it, I could not find it on anywhere but and well they don't allow embedding of videos and this is a moment I thought should be embedable. Hopefully I did my legal research right and it should never be pulled. BTW, He debuted April 12th, this was on April 14th.


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