Up until first pitch, use the comments section to predict who you think will be the Sunburst Player of the Game. (be sure to use a valid email address while leaving the comment). The commenter that correctly predicts who we will name the Sunburst Player of the Game the most times prior to the all-star game, will win two tickets to a second-half game. Runners-up get their choice of a t-shirt. [Click HERE for rules]

Check Marc Topkin’s blog for the starting lineups.




  1. KillaTapes says:

    I’m sticking with Upton

  2. Andy Kline says:

    Ben “Zorilla” Zobrist

  3. Jim says:


  4. Charles says:

    Big Game James, please

  5. Martin B says:

    The man with the awful facial hair, James Shields.

  6. Brixology says:


  7. Dre says:

    i’m going out on a limb and picking Joyce

  8. Joe D. says:


  9. Dave says:

    Carl Crawford.

  10. Dirtbag Fan says:

    for the love of God and all things Holy please, please hit a freakin’ homer or 2

  11. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Am I the first to score on the Trade pool, with the dumping of Orvella?

    • Joe D. says:

      Did he get traded or just dumped? Though if I ever see Julio pitching in a Rays uniform, I’ll feel like I’m that one got dumped on…I hope that he can help out the Durham Bulls, and maybe build the confidence of some the Rays young starters by helping hold, and save games for them, with out clogging up roster space for young prospects…

  12. MikeD78 says:

    I’ll go with Joyce.

  13. Justin H says:

    I gotta go with Pena

  14. Wally Pipp says:


  15. Michael says:

    James Shields

  16. MikeD says:

    Pena is due due due

  17. cougar says:

    big game james

  18. Kyle L says:


  19. Rayhawk says:

    MR Dillon, they’re shootin up the town…Hee Hee

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