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Time to bring back the GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

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No GBT, so instead we present this image of Kevin Stocker. Why? Because it makes us giggle. We like to imagine that Stocker just got hit in the rear with a pitch and it is still stuck there as he tries to pull it out.


  • Is Andy Sonnanstine on the clock? Jeff Niemann has been solid his last 3 starts. Sonnanstine has not. So is The Duke, the odd man out when Scott Kazmir returns? Well, according to Kaz, that could be sooner rather than later. Kazmir says his recent bullpen session went great and will have another today. He has also found a “big source” for his mechanical issues. That is significant because every other time he claims to have figured out his mechanical issues, it was apparently just “small” sources *rolling eyes*. [St. Pete Times]
  • Joe Maddon, ever the optimist, still believes Andy Sonnanstine will turn it around noting that he and Jim Hickey have addressed some “items that are kind of interesting.” [Tampa Tribune]
  • Joe Maddon is sticking with BJ Upton at the top of the order. Of course, Maddon has the luxury of knowing the other two options, Jason Bartlett and Aki Iwamura are both on the DL. Maddon also says he might be more willing to change if the Rays were struggling to score runs, when in fact the Rays lead the league in scoring. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Even though the Rays are more likely to plug the second base hole from within, Tom Verducci says that if the Rays do seek help from outside the organization, that they should target Freddy Sanchez of the Pirates. (thanks Amanda) [SI.com]
  • Marc Topkin analyzes the Rays at the one-third pole. [St. Pete Times]
  • MLB Outsider conducted a mock draft with the Rays selecting college pitcher Andrew Oliver. [MLB Outsider]
  • The inaugural installment of the “Devil Ray Pronunciation Guide.” [Bugs and Cranks]




  1. Rayhawk says:

    Thnaks Vince for trading Bobby….ugh

  2. Sonnanstine’s on a short leash. I think he needs to get it done, right now or he’s going back down.

    I also don’t think Rays fans should hold their breath for any “big trades” to address the injuries. The payroll’s at the max and they’re not keep adding to it on a below .500 team.

    Also, the Times wrote an article about Toytown being too hazardous a site for the new stadium. Cross another one off the list.

    • Rayhawk says:

      It’s going to be Tampa, mark my words….;o)

    • Dirtbag Fan says:

      Although Sonny still has 3 more options I just don’t see him being sent down.
      I firmly believe that when Kaz is “healthy” he’ll take Sonny’s place, and Sonny will be headed to the ‘pen- not the minors.

  3. Rayhawk says:

    uuummmm lets see, Scotty” if I dont get my S__t together, I may be on the way out!!!!!” after Prices two starts…. yea I bet he “ho hum” found his grove.

  4. I’m all for a Tampa site. It’s too bad Steinbrenner f***ed the Rays with his namesake field. I read somewhere that he purposely had the outfield constructed near Dale Mabry so Tampa could never consider expanding it for big league games.

    Maybe they should find a spot along I-75 near Wesley Chapel & New Tampa. Plenty of cow pasture out there and not too many activists. Level some swamp land and build it up. Traffic infrastructure already there.

    • Amanda says:

      Not too many activists?!?! HA! Isn’t that whole shopping megaplex that was supposed to be built at SR 56 (Land ‘O Lakes) and I-75 being blocked because the activists said they were damaging wetlands?

      • Dirtbag Fan says:

        I always love the “damaging wetlands” argument in Florida, considering that Florida in and of itself is nothing but wetlands… oi!

      • I thought it was on hold because it wasn’t draining properly. lol. Turns out it was a combination of both.


        Have you ever driven by the intersection of I-75/SR 56 after a rain storm. There’s no way they can’t put anything down there until they clear up the drainage problem. I don’t really think it would make a good place for a new stadium.

        • Amanda says:

          The absolute best site for a new stadium for all of the Rays base (taking out considerations of current lease agreements or available land for purchase) would be the area around the State Fairgrounds. Any further north or east, and you’re doing a disservice to the huge number of fans from points south. (The Rays have done a marvelous job of growing the fan base to southwest Florida, and they responded in Spring Training in kind.) What better place than to put a stadium at the confluence of the north-south interstate and the east-west interstate. And instead of trying to get a bunch of people in and out of a tiny penninsula every game night, it’ll be in a much more convenient location for everyone.

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