1. Don says:

    That's a tough one.... but what they(Maddon) better NOT do is put him back on the bench as a "utility" player!
    I'll have to start taking more pills .....

  2. Dirtbag Fan says:

    As time goes by and Zobrist's numbers start to level out I think the decision will make itself.

    If the organization views him (Zorilla) as the long term solution at 2B, in terms of being the starter next season under the assumption that Aki is moved in th eoff-season, then they'll stick with Zobrist for the remainder of this season, but if they don't view Zobie as the long term solution then you'll indubidabally see Aki at 2B and Zo back to utility or joining Gross as part of the RF platoon.

  3. Pudieron says:

    Both are too useful to leave out of the lineup, and they'll need Aki's left-handed bat for certain matchups when it would be better to bring a switch-hitter off the bench. Aki was hitting over .300 before his injury, too.


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