1. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Regardless of whether or not Upton is finally rounding into form Bartlett should be leading-off, but since Maddon won't take Upton out of that spot it only makes sense to have Bartlett in the 9-hole as a lead-off to the lead-off... Burrell 5, Zobrist 6

    • Sam A says:

      Until his BA comes back to earth, I like Bartlett higher in the order only because the #9 hitter is guaranteed the fewest PAs.

  2. theraysparty says:

    Pena gives protection to Longo. Burrell to Pena. Bartlett to Burrell. Zobrist to any body near his bat. All this guys can slug over .500 and take some walks.

    I start drooling at the potential offense the middle of the lineup can bring when it is healthy and productive.

  3. Rome says:

    Burrell needs to be in the Five hole. It makes more sense when you are thinking of a opposing manager's view. You have a R-Longo, L-Pena, R-Burrell, S- Zobrist, and R- Barty. That's a good looking line-up. It's looking a lot brighter for the Rays come Friday.


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