1. Dirtbag Fan says:


    Yes, Joyce can (and probably will) be an impact player, but we already know that we've got a pretty decent RF-er in Gabe Gross who could hold down the fort out in right-field all season if need be, whereas the middle infielders tend to have a much more profound impact defensively then the right fielder would, so in Aki's absence Brignac's ability to play second becomes paramount where Joyce's capacity to play well is just a bonus... a very nice bonus.

    Joyce may be a better player, but that isn't always the most important aspect of the game in terms of team success, sometimes you just need role-players to play their role (ie Brignac at 2nd).

  2. Rome says:

    Hands-down, Brignac is more important. Joyce is a plus but to fill the void that we have w/ the lack of Aki, Brignac is more important. If Crawford went down, knock on wood, it would be Joyce who be more important. Why? Because Joyce would be filling Carl's void, which is a hell of a void. I like what I have been seeing in both young men and wish them both the best and hope they stay consistent for the rest of the year.

    In other news: why is Gabe Kap-lander, the male model, gone?


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