phpKG1Fzi[Update 6:40pm] Marc Lancaster spoke with the Rays and they are downplaying the situation saying it was a “Rays’ officials in the Dominican who has known Pedro for a while” and that he “just watched [Pedro] work out.” Lancaster adds that it sounds like the team doesn’t expect anything to come of it.

That may be true, but then why schedule a second workout? Nothing may come of this, but it sure seems like the Rays are at least exploring the possibility.

[Update 5:40pm] Michael Weber of 10 Connects (WTSP/CBS) in St. Petersburg and Rays Revolutionary reports that they spoke with the Rays and at first the Rays denied the report, but later called back to confirm that a scout did watch Pedro throw.

The #Rays called us back. They say they had one of their Dominican guys watch Pedro.

Strange that they would change their story. The Rays are a very secretive organization, but they are not prone to lying. Either way, it looks like the Rays are at least kicking the tires on Pedro. They will only bite if the price is right, and if the price is right, you can never have too much pitching.

[Update 4:10pm] Here is a second report (in English) that reports that they confirmed the workout with a Rays official.

[1:39pm] We are not familiar with the source, but one news outlet in the Dominican Republic (translated version) is reporting that the Rays have met with Pedro Martinez and even attended a recent bullpen session.

via Google Translate: Even the pitcher held a meeting yesterday [pitching] in the Quisqueya stadium. in the bleachers and was department staff the Rays of Tampa, said the source. In all, Pedro did a bullpen session of 20 pitches, all straight and as the newspaper heard from listeners Rays were satisfied with what they witnessed the veteran pitcher.

From what we can gather from the translation, the Rays will observe another bullpen session in the coming days in which Pedro will mix in his breaking pitches.

Martinez made 20 starts for the Mets last season, going 5-6 with a 5.61 ERA. His last good season was 2005 when he was 15-8 with a 2.82 ERA and 208 strikeouts in 31 starts. He did make two appearances for the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic. He pitched 6 scoreless innings, striking out 6 and allowing 2 base runners, 1 hit and 1 hit batter.

Prior to the season, it was reported that Pedro was seeking a $5 million, one-year deal. With the season one-third over, we have to assume that the asking price would be in the $2.5-3.5 million range.

It is no secret the Rays have struggled with their starting pitching. The starters have a 4.71 ERA, 9th in the American League. Andy Sonnanstine is the 4th worst starting pitcher in baseball based on VORP (-8.7) and there is no timetable for Scott Kazmir’s return from the DL and whether he will be able to overcome his mechanical issues.

The rotation has been bad. Is Pedro the answer? We have no idea. But if the Rays hope to get back to the playoffs, they need better and more consistent performances from the rotation. And right now, the only way that may be possible is to make a change.

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  1. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Possible closer?

    • interesting idea. Might be his best role at this point of his career. But I have a feeling he still fancies himself a starter and figures eventually somebody will get desparate enough.

    • Sam A says:

      Hadn't thought of that. I guess he might work as a closer although I'm not overly excited by the idea. He'd fit right in with the rest of the over-the-hill relievers. I can't imagine he has much value as a starter since he wouldn't throw a lot of innings.

  2. MikeD says:

    Please God no. I know the Rays need help, but it would be very hard for me to put aside my feelings about Pedro and his past antics, especially those concerning the Rays.

  3. stunna says:

    Pedro is washed up, he isn't the answer. This kinda reminds me of when we signed Hideo Nomo wayyy past his prime. Kazmir, Wade Davis, Hellickson, or just about any starter we have in the minors would probably be a better option.

    • You are probably right but the one thing that makes me think this is worth exploring is that Rays would only do this if the price is right and if the price is right you can never have too much pitching

  4. mrTr0ut says:

    I trust the Ray's scouting. If they liked what they saw, then I say bring on the help.

  5. Jes. says:

    "We are not familiar with the source"

    Cute. We never heard of you, either.

  6. So, the Rays called us back at the station and said they're confirming that a Rays scout in the Dominican worked out w/ Martinez. They wouldn't offer much else. It looks like where there's smoke, there's fire.

  7. Brian says:

    Living around Tigers fans I am hearing all type of smack talked about the E-Jack trade. If Joyce was worth it, why don't we parade him out there everyday and not just against southpaws? Kapler is a bum and should be sent down for Wade Davis. Demote Sonny to bullpen duties and make a trade at the deadline for either a starter or a bullpen arm. We need a shut-down closer or southpaw specialist. Balfour will come around but he needs another pitch. Another thing - Why is his velocity down this year? Too many innings in 2008?

    • Who cares what Tiger fans think? The Rays had a logjam at starting pitcher someone had to go. Is E-Jax pitching well? Yes. But, it's too early to right off Joyce as a bust. That kid's got some power and could be more a factor for the Rays much longer than E-jax will be for the Tigers.

  8. Update on Pedro:

    That's from


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