This morning we told you that a fan had been assaulted by an unnamed Phillies pitcher following Thursday’s game. To nobody’s surprise, that player turned out to be JC Romero, who only recently returned from a 50-game suspension for using Performance Enhancing Drugs. The St. Pete Times has the details.

Eaton said he was attempting to get autographs from Phillies players when the incident happened…After players brushed him off, Eaton said he called out to Romero, something to the effect of, “How about you get me some juice?”…Romero snapped, Eaton said, telling him to “shut the f—- up” and that he didn’t know what he was talking about…Eaton said he replied that Romero was the one who’d been suspended recently…”He reared back and kinda grazed my chin and grabbed me by the neck and threw me back,” Eaton said. “I was in shock.”

Yes, we know Romero wasn’t specifically suspended by steroids. But a cheat, is a cheat. Does that make it ok to speculate that Romero also used steroids or HGH? Seems ok to us. But only if you have media credentials.

Fan says Phillies pitcher assaulted him over steroids remark [St. Pete Times]



  1. Don says:

    Do I smell lawsuit (settlement) from some drunk punk who thinks he can say anything to anyone....after all, he paid his $50 to get in!!
    Where is Ron Artest when we need him.....

    • Amanda says:

      Dude, that fan accused him of what he was CONVICTED of (in MLB's eys). Yeah, the truth hurts, don't it? And don't give me that bullshit "he didn't know what he was taking." I'm sorry, but if I played major league baseball and made millions of dollars, I'd be taking EVERYTHING that I put into my body to my MLB team trainer, or hiring a scientist, or SOMETHING. Excuse me, I mean I'd do all that if I DIDN'T want to cheat.

      And what ever happend to "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me"? Oooh, I guess the comment hit a little too close to home.

      • Don says:

        CHEAT!...Who ever cheats in sports, or business for that matter...??
        The POINT is oppening your MOUTH to the wrong person sometimes doesn't work out to well!! But scream assult seems to be a good way out!

      • Maggie says:

        Romero was convicted of nothing by anyone. Even MLB considers him guilty of negligence (not knowing what was in what he was taking), not cheating (intentionally doing something in contravention of rules to gain an advantage). Wow I wish people could TRY to understand the details of the situation.

        • thank you, but we understand the situation perfectly. We understand that of the 800+ major leaguers last season, ONLY Romero tested positive for this particular PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUG. Which means that he is either the DUMBEST player in baseball or else he tried to cheat the system when everybody else was smart enough to avoid the substance.

          And if he was soooooo innocent, then why did an arbitrator upheld the 50-game suspension for VIOLATING the PED agreement.

          • Maggie says:

            Please, people. Work on your reading comprehension skills. Firstly, I was responding to Amanda and not the original post by the Professor; and I never said he was innocent (I do not think he is, fwiw and I also don't think he's particularly bright) - I said that MLB considers him guilty of negligence, not necessarily cheating and that he wasn't convicted of anything.

        • Gus says:

          The details were this: he elevated levels of testostorone in his system twice (August and Septemeber). Elevated levels of testostorone are performance enhancing, no matter how they got there. He ignored protocol for getting drugs by not getting them through his team but doing it himself. He had a career year and was suspended for 50 games in 2009 (after stealing off with the World Series title) You can buy many things at GNC that violate the league's PED policy because they enhance performance. All the Lance Armstrong style bogus lawsuits cannot change these facts. And I suspect struggling in 2009 (reverting to the Romero of 2006) plus being the 2nd most prominent player to be busted 50 games makes him more likely to go off and hit people who speak the truth to him. Karma has a way. But why isn't this any worse than Ron Artest? Drug cheat slugs fan?

  2. Don says:

    "everyone else (in baseball)was smart enough to avoid the (that) substance"
    Sorry, but with drugs, Booze, Broads, Bars, gambling.... I don't think major league baseball players miss MUCH ....
    But whos face would you like to get it to confront him about it?
    Be ready to duck if you pick the wrong guy....
    Thats all I'm saying......

  3. Fred Goodwin says:

    What a whiney little girl Eaton is -- I wish Romero had beaten the crap out of him. I contacted the law firm representing Eaton and told them exactly what I thought of the little baby:


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