SP_303409_BORC_rays_9Joe Maddon worked in the Angels organization for 31 years, so it should not be surprising that he gets a bit emotional whenever his former team is across the diamond in the opposing dugout.

How emotional? When facing tonight’s opponent, the Angels, it is not uncommon for Maddon to already be in the clubhouse at the end of the game. Nearly half of his 11 career ejections have come against Los Angeles.

26 times Maddon has been the manager of the Rays when they faced the Angels. In 5 of those games, Maddon was ejected, or once every 5.2 games. In the other 543 games of Maddon’s managerial career, he has 6 ejections, or once every 90.5 games. Maddon does have one ejection so far this season, back on April 16th against the White Sox.

In Maddon’s defense, the two ejections against the Angels last season, were two of the more memorable games of the year. The first was June 11th, which was the infamous Derryl Cousins “shoebox” game and the second came on August 19th after BJ Upton was called out for for supposedly making a move towards second after he passed first base.

Still, based on his track record, the clubhouse manager might want to have the towels ready a little earlier the next three nights.



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