phpI8znTvJC Romero of the phraudulant WFC*, who was juiced up during the World Series, has finished his 50-game sentence and is once again allowed to help the Phillies cheat their way towards glory.

We enjoyed supporting one of our favorite relievers in his battle to prove his integrity to the game of baseball, but I think we can all agree Phillies fans will be a lot happier to see J.C. Romero in the bullpen and available to pitch this evening in San Diego.

Still amazing that of the 700+ players in major league baseball, Romero was the only that was so wrongly duped into taking an illegal supplement. Oh, the humanity!

J.C. should help to shore up an already strong bullpen, one of the key strengths that led to a parade on Broad Street.

Get it? Strong. As in, he was juicing like he was Jose Canseco’s butt buddy.

And what is with that picture above? Is there any hair on Romero’s arms? Is arm hair loss a side affect of ‘roids? Or is that just the vanity of somebody that cheated the system and was rewarded with a 50-day vacation?

The Truth (Or 50 Games) Will Set You Free [The 700 Level]



  1. Gus says:

    Judging by his shaky first performance, JC may be back to the league wash-out 6.00 ERA scrub he was back in 2006 before he started juicing.


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