Up until first pitch, use the comments section to predict who you think will be the Sunburst Player of the Game. (be sure to use a valid email address while leaving the comment). The commenter that correctly predicts who we will name the Sunburst Player of the Game the most times prior to the all-star game, will win two tickets to a second-half game. Runners-up get their choice of a t-shirt. [Click HERE for rules]

Check Marc Topkin’s blog for the starting lineups.




  1. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Evanovich Longorianheim

  2. Charles says:

    God. Because it’s going to take a miracle to get Kazmir through the 5th inning.

    But seriously folks, how about Jason Bartlett this time, since my “go with Longoria” strategy is not paying off so far.

  3. Martin B says:

    Scooter Kazmir surprises tonight.

  4. Adrian says:

    Jay! Bee! (Jason Bartlett)

  5. Brixology says:


  6. Dave says:

    Gabe Gross. Jason Isringhousen was a close second.

  7. Mark says:

    BJ Upton. The Boss is going to hit his first jack tonight.

  8. MikeD78 says:

    I’ll take Sir Carlos. I thought about taking Ben Grieve or Jason Tyner.

    Come on DEVIL RAYS!!! I sick of watching this crap. (Oh…I’m not paying $1)

  9. Rayhawk says:

    Im going with with the AU quarterback…Go Gabe

  10. Andy Kline says:

    Jason Bartlett.

  11. Kicker says:

    kid k

  12. steve-o1285 says:

    Been a little while since a Longo outburst…I’ll go with Evan.

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