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Time to bring back the GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

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THE GOOD: James Shields. It is only appropriate that we are currently calling the team the “Devil Rays” ($21) because for Shields, last night must have felt like 2007 all over again. An absolute gem and no W to show for it. Somewhere, Brian Stokes is jumping up and down yelling “it wasn’t me!, it wasn’t me!”

THE BAD: 3rd Inning. First and third, 1 out. BJ Upton strikes out. Carl Crawford strikes out. No runs…7th Inning. Jason Bartlett on third, 1 out. Aki Iwamura strikes out. Gabe Kapler flies out. No runs…8th Inning. First and third with 1 out, again. Evan Longoria strikes out. Carlos Pena misses a double by 1.2 inches, then walks. Jason Bartlett strikes out. No runs…9th Inning. Willy Aybar on second, 1 out. Dioner Navarro flies out. BJ Upton pops out softly…10th Inning. Lead off single by Carl Crawford. Doesn’t score. Leadoff runners on base. Three times the Devil Rays ($22)  had a runner on third with less than 2 outs. They should have scored in every one of those situations. As it was, a run in ANY of the situations and it is a Win. Six times a batter struck out to end an inning. 13 strike outs total and only 3 walks. Devil Raysian ($23) performance if we have ever seen one.

THE TELLING: Dioner Navarro was out of the lineup for the third straight night with pink eye even though he was originally penciled into the lineup. Somehow Joe Maddon submitted the correct lineup card…With Pat Burrell out of the lineup, and presumably not wearing pants, Joe Maddon used Jason Bartlett in the fifth spot to offer at least some protection for Carlos Pena who has hit his first power outage of the season.



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  1. Sam A says:

    Nelson also didn't look too sharp once again. I know Bartlett booted what should have been the third out, but Nelson didn't help matters any by allowing the homer and then giving up one more run for good measure. Holliday is obviously a good hitter, but I'm starting to worry about Joe.

  2. Dirtbag Fan says:

    The game came down to the fact that the ump decided that Dan Wheeler's strike zone was the size of a ring-box. That inning was over, and Aybar's HR should've been a walk-off.

    • Don says:

      Blame Game: Its the ump's Fault!

      Forget the fact(s) that the Rays couldn't score one (1) run
      in 9 innings or catch ground balls hit right to them!

      "Its the umpire's fault"

      • KillaTapes says:

        I agree it's not good to make excuses, we had plenty of chances to win that game, BUT... that at-bat did piss me off, as it seemed like the umpire just decided right there that he was over it

      • Dirtbag Fan says:

        I didn't say it was the umps fault the Rays lost, I said the game came down to that at bat, there's a big difference... don't mince my words Donny McMoron.

  3. Wally Pipp says:

    Here's some more Telling for your sandwich.

    On May 4, the Devil Rays (11-16) were in 4th place in the AL East, 6.5 GB Toronto, 5.5 GB Boston and 3 GB NY. Since then, the Rays have gone 9-5, the best stretch of the first quarter of the season.

    Today, they are in 4th place in the AL East, 6.5 GB Toronto, 4 GB Boston, and 3 GB NY.

    For 2 months now, we've been told that it's too early to panic. At what point, precisely, is it appropriate to panic?

  4. Jim from NPR says:

    Someone explain to Joe Maddon there is a REASON Joe Nelson never made an opening season roster before this year. Can't blame the umps, Nelson threw the pitch that Stevie Wonder would of sent deep. Explain to me, WHY when you have an opposing pitcher throwing the way the A's starter threw last night, and our inability to hit their bullpen, Maddon waits SO LONG to play small ball. I like what Maddon did last year, but this year, he can't get out of his own way.


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