1. Dirtbag Fan says:

    I say no, but with the caveat that I’d be okay with it as long as it was only very temporary, say, 2 or 3 times through.

  2. Charles says:

    Is it too radical to suggest that since Kazmir has minor league options that he be sent down to Durham to work out whatever he needs to work out? It seemed to work for Cliff Lee, right? He’s clearly not right and his attempts to work this out as he goes have not worked. The radio guys last night were talking about how he keeps looking down to see his landing point after every pitch. That just strikes me as a sign that he needs serious help.

    • Joe D. says:

      I like the idea of Kaz going to the Minors to work out his problems. Like you said he has options, so you don’t even have to have the whole faux injury, extended spring training, A, AA, AAA, limited pitch counts, rehab assignment over in 30 days, blah, blah, blah… just option him to Durham, bring up a Carlos Hernandez, he’s probably the most major league ready guy we have…

      • Joe D. says:

        Oh yeah, back to the question, of Howell… just leave well enough alone, JP’s done great in the pen, and the big knock against JP was that he was great once through the line up, but struggled the second and third times through. let him come in to face the lefty rich part of teams line ups, maybe force a manager to chase one of his starting position players to get the lefty right match up. Which Howell does decent against righty’s too. Keep JP in the ‘Pen!

  3. theraysparty says:

    I am not sure if he can keep his velocity up in the rotation. That is what made his deception ten times better moving from the rotation to the bullpen in 08.

    It is not a question of need rather a question of is it possible to get 5-6 innings of Howell without taking away too much from his amazing ability to dominate hitters. He seems very content in staying the pen and we can’t disrupt his “dude” mentality. But remember he had 89.1 innings of excellent relief work last season and he is statistically pitching slightly better this season.

    Maybe moving Cormier to the rotation is an easier transition since he is in long relief already.

    • Sam A says:

      I also thought about Cormier. He hasn’t been a very good starter for his career, but he couldn’t be as bad as Kaz has been lately.

    • bobrittner says:

      I agree. The issue is not whether he is more valuable as a starter but whether he can do it effectively. My guess is he can’t, and for the reasons you give. His stuff works great in 2-3 inning stints but from his history it appears not in longer outings. There are better options, whether trying Cormier for a while or bringing up Talbot or perhaps Hernandez who will likely not be any worse than Kazmir has been recently.

      • theraysparty says:

        I say Hernandez, because he would be a lefty replacing the only lefty in the rotation. He also has some Major League experience and I am not comfortable with Talbot facing Major League hitters.

        But you said it right, they are likely not be any worse than Kazmir is right now.

    • Dirtbag Fan says:

      But that would take your best statistical reliever (so far) out of the pen…

  4. Mike says:

    Bad question. Davis and Price are ready. If Kaz cant go, bring em up.

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