phpCGNYR5[UPDATE 3:05pm] Marc Topkin says Troy Percival and Scott Kazmir to the DL. No surprises there. Again, keep an eye on Durham’s rotation the next couple of days to see how it is handled. That will tell us who is being called up on Monday to replace Dale Thayer.

[UPDATE 2:30pmMarc Lancaster is reporting that Reid Brignac and Dale Thayer will be joining Rays tonight. Still no word on who is out, but we assume it would have to be two pitchers. Most likely two of Scott Kazmir, Joe Nelson and Troy Percival. If one is Kazmir, it would mean that Thayer’s stay is only temporary as somebody would be needed to start on Tuesday in Cleveland.

Last night, the Durham Bulls Twitter account made the following posting…

+@#” and *#@+;! just got called up to the bigs.

We have been following this account for a while, and while we don’t know who is behind it, we can tell you that it is most likely somebody in their front office and they are not prone to joking around.

Also consider that the Devil Rays ($31) start interleague play tonight when they travel to Miami. Joe Maddon is currently working with an extra arm in the bullpen after the promotion of Jason Isringhausen. But with no DH, he will most likely prefer an extra bat on the bench.

The obvious choice is either Matt Joyce or Justin Ruggiano. But we have no idea who in the bullpen they would be replacing. The likely candidates are Troy Percival or Joe Nelson, either of whom could be headed to the DL.

The second move is the more interesting one. Might one of the Durham starting pitchers be on their way up to replace Scott Kazmir? Not likely. Why do that move now? Why not wait until Kazmir’s next turn in the rotation. Unless, Kazmir is being replaced with a relief pitcher for the Marlins series (Dale Thayer?), after which somebody else would be promoted to take Kaz’ spot in the rotation.

If Kazmir is dropped from the rotation, for a stint on the DL or in the minors, keep on eye on the Durham rotation the next couple of days, to see if anybody is skipped or limited to a couple of innings. If that happens, that person will be in the rotation next week.



  1. Carlos Hernandez & Chad Orvella for Scott Kazmir & Troy Percival. That would be just the truly anticlimatic move this Front Office likes to do. Although, I'll have to join your "Devil" cause if I ever see Chad Orvella in a Rays big league uniform again. That guy sucked before and he'll suck again.

  2. cougar says: is guessing it may be Thayer and Brignac. Theyer would give the pen some support, and Brignac would be a backup infielder so that Zorilla could start in RF.

  3. JL says:

    No way it's Mr. 51 wins........>
    Too soon and the damage to someone with his 'conversational' problems (read: mental issues) would be too much for him. He has to work through this.

  4. cougar says:

    It has been confirmed that Percy is on the DL.

  5. cougar says:

    Topkin has just confirmed that Kazmir has been placed on the DL as well.

  6. Joe D. says:

    It's good to see Thayer get the shot, he's put up some great numbers in his minor league career, he's payed his dues, I hope he can make the best of it!

  7. Joe D. says:

    ESPN is reporting that Price will be called up Monday, for the Rotation spot...

    They don't quote any sources, I'd be shocked if it was Price, I'm thinking Hernandez or Davis... sound's like typical ESPN hype (i.e. Danny Almonte)


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