We appeared earlier today on SNY TV’s “New York Baseball Today” with Ted Berg to preview this two-game set with the Yankees. Fast forward to the 2:30 mark if you have ADD.



  1. Rytor says:

    Dear Cork,

    Nice job. You have a deep voice. You sound like Barry White.


    PS – My darling I, can’t get enough of your love baby

  2. I wish I had Barry White’s voice. And i would take Todd’s job in heartbeat.

  3. Sublime says:

    Good Stuff Cork. You do sound like Todd Kalas!

  4. leningan says:

    speaking of Kalas… did anyone else catch his slip-up the other night? While goofing around with the sombrero and light-up Corona necklace, Todd pretended to drink from the plastic beer bottle medallion. He then realized that might be a bad idea and asked “Are we allowed to do that?” The crew continued to show him in the sombrero, but he wasn’t asked to speak anymore and looked genuinely embarrassed and somewhat forlorn.

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