phpAbD2DcMatt Garza made an appearance in yesterday’s “Pop Culture Grid” on (thanks Amanda). In this feature, various athletes are asked to complete a series of sentences.

For example, Garza was asked to complete the following: I cant believe ___ is dating _____….Garza’s response: I can’t believe Cameron Diaz isn’t dating Troy Percival.

That’s cute and all. But what left us dumbfounded was Garza’s response to the following: If I could steal one body part from a teammate it would be

Garza’s response? It’s a doozy…

If I could steal one body part from a teammate it would be…Joe Nelson’s.. he knows what it is

If we are reading this right, and we would like to think we are, that was way too much information. We will never look at Nelson the same again.

Guess we have a premise for Nelson’s nickname. Let’s start the bidding at…

  • Boogie Knight
  • Third Arm Blind
  • Ray Dong Chong
  • Vulcan Tripod…yep, think we have a winner.


  1. Jim says:

    Gotta go with the Vulcan Tripod.

  2. Rumpy says:

    Definitely the Vulcan Tripod, totally intimidating


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