Up until first pitch, use the comments section to predict who you think will be the Sunburst Player of the Game. (be sure to use a valid email address while leaving the comment). The commenter that correctly predicts who we will name the Sunburst Player of the Game the most times prior to the all-star game, will win two tickets to a second-half game. Runners-up get their choice of a t-shirt. [Click HERE for rules]

Check Marc Topkin’s blog for the starting lineups.




  1. Charles says:

    I mentioned on Twitter last night that I picked Zobrist the previous night when he didn’t play, then he ends up winning last night. Based on that, you should all pick who I picked last night, and that was James Shields.

    Oh wait . . . D’OH!

    I guess tonight I’m going to go with Carlos Pena.

  2. Andy Kline says:


  3. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Kid K. Way overdue for a gem.

    (prof- i borrowed your SPOTG logo and made it a clickable link from my blog to yours for the sunburst pick in an attempt to get all 7 of my readers over here to make their picks (if you’d prefer i didn’t use it let me know).

  4. Cougar Bait says:

    Don Zimmer

  5. Joe D. says:


  6. steve-o1285 says:

    I’ll go with Crawford

  7. Steam-Powered Penny-Farthing says:

    Jason Bartlett. He keeps up his strong presence at the plate, and takes advantage of at least one opportunity to drive in runs. This, plus some fancy glove-work, makes him the man tonight.

  8. MikeD78 says:


    I’m predicting his first HR of the year. Bartlett’s got 3 for goodness sakes!!!

  9. MikeD says:

    om = Longo – just cuz no one has picked him yet today. For a backup, I’ll go back to my old standby Aki. Move him back up in the lineup, and move CC down for a few games – seems like that worked last season

  10. Rayhawk says:

    BJ, those Adidas commercials have got to start paying off sometime.

  11. KillaTapes says:

    Burrell AKA The Bat?

  12. Mark says:


  13. Kicker says:


  14. Martin B says:

    Gimme a B.
    Gimme an Artlett

    Gimme a Jason Bartlett

  15. GatorRaysHead says:

    Its going to be Kid K. And if he throws 6 shutout innings again please do not call it a bad outing, even if he does walk a few.

  16. Brendan says:

    The Bossman. BJ is due

  17. Justin H says:

    how about no one?

  18. Steam-Powered Penny-Farthing says:

    no one sounds about right at this point. ugh.

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