[Ed. note: Knowing that our audience is 93.4% male, let us apologize in advance]

Yesterday we linked to an interview in which Andrew Friedman spoke about the Rays ability to exploit defense as an area in which the team could find value without overextending team resources. As more teams are now realizing the value of improving team defense, Friedman admits that while there are other areas the Rays can exploit, those areas are not as “substantive” as defense. And what exactly are these new areas that the Rays can exploit? Based on their off-season acquisitions, one would be sexiness.

Of course, most of us are familiar with this image of Pat Burrell

Now Fame Watcher brings us this image of the Rays other off-season acquisition, Gabe Kapler, and his, uh, bulge


Of course, this just supports the age-old baseball cliche, Chicks dig the long ball, and huge pectoral muscles

Baseball Star Gabe Kapler’s Speedo Bulge [Fame Watcher]



  1. Stephanie says:

    You should probably also apologize to the females in your audience! I'm not so impressed...

  2. Deadeye says:

    I read this site religiously. Now my eyes are burnt out and I can't read. Thanks 🙁

  3. Charles says:

    He's no Brian Shouse.

  4. Karmadog_SRQ says:

    Forgive me for being so female, but I think Gabe is smoking hot! I LOVE this picture and will never look at him as just another baseball player ever again!
    The Ray's ooze sexiness... from the top down. That's one of the reasons that I am a season ticket holder... thank you very much!

  5. Andy says:

    You don't need to apologize to the men, not to all of us anyway. Some of us ENJOY the hotness of Men & both of these Ballers sure qualify!!! I know Burrell didn't do much at the plate last year, but I sure enjoyed watching him in the On Deck Circle!! I don't care what the 1st 2 women say, THESE GUYS ARE SMOKIN!!!


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