BASEBALL/Dan Johnson’s career with the Rays lasted a grand total of 10 games and 28 trips to the plate. But with one mighty swing of the bat at Fenway last fall (right), he will always be remembered for what he contributed to the franchise.

Rain is threatening the cancellation of today’s opening day game in Boston and there has been some chatter about how silly it is for Major League Baseball to schedule opening day games in cold weather cities.

While it would be nice for the defending American League champions to open at home, it is quite possible the Tampa Bay Rays don’t want to be at The Trop this week. Or possibly Major League Baseball does not want small market teams at home this week in order to maximize ticket revenue.

Fewer home games in April and May mean more home games in June and July after schools let out. From a ticket sale perspective, it is better to give the big market clubs more games early in the year, and it just so happens that most of those clubs are in the northeast where weather is not favorable this time of year. And while any team can sell out opening day, it is the rest of that first week that suffers with low attendance in small markets.

In April, the Rays play 15 games on the road and only 8 games at The Trop.

As for opening day itself? Major League Baseball is well aware of the problem with weather. This is why the Rays and Red Sox have an off-day tomorrow. Bad weather is not new to baseball.


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  1. Charles says:

    Weather permitting, some coworkers & I are going to watch the game at a local bar, where I am 100% certain to be the only person wearing a Rays shirt. If it gets rained out, they'll just have to look at the shirt hanging in my cubicle all day long.

  2. bobrittner says:

    Thank you professor. The first reasonable explanation for the start in Boston I have read. I think there ought to be some way to balance things so small market teams could get the benefit of mid-summer home games and still begin play in better climates, but perhaps the logistics make it impossible.

    For the Rays this year there is an advantage in that 18 of 30 Sept/Oct games are in TB.

  3. Mark says:

    That's a good point with the ticket sales and all. I never thought about those things, however The Heater reports the Rays asked MLB to open the season at home and were denied. It doesn't appear to me that MLB has learned from the snowout of '07 in Cleveland.


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