This gameday open thread will have two parts and it is all user-generated…

  • Up until first pitch, use the comments section to predict who you think will be the Sunburst Player of the Game. (be sure to use a valid email address while leaving the comment). The commenter that correctly predicts who we will name the Sunburst Player of the Game the most times prior to the all-star game, will win two tickets to a second-half game. Runners-up get their choice of a t-shirt. [Click HERE for rules]
  • Once the game starts, the GBT open thread will be your thoughts during the game of what you think are The Good, The Bad and/or The Telling moments of the game.




  1. Brett says:

    Sunburst: B.J, only cause Longo’s gone.

  2. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Sonny… even his name screams sunburst!

  3. Joe D. says:

    I think the Hebrew Hammer is due… I’m going with Kapler.

  4. cougar says:

    pat the bat gets some more protection in the lineup hitting 3rd…i like him for starburst today

  5. GatorRaysHead says:

    Sunburst player will be Chuck Pena, runner up is Jason ‘I’m married’ Bartlett.

  6. Charles says:

    I have a good feeling about Bartlett today.

  7. staplemaniac says:

    Carlos Pena. I predict a dinger, single, and a walk

  8. Michael Ramm says:

    SPotG: Jason bartlett

  9. Tyler says:

    My money is on Carl.

  10. MikeD says:

    I’m goin’ with Aki – he’s due for a breakout

  11. Adrian says:

    I’m going to go with the player wearing #42….No? alright fine, Bossman. Hey Cork is there anyway we can get a running total sometime?

  12. Cougar Bait says:

    I’m going with Aybar….I think its a 3rd base thing

  13. Martin B says:


  14. Rayhawk says:

    CC he’s do for one, Carl is the man today……

  15. leningan says:

    Sonny, redemption is so appealing…

  16. Dave says:

    Pat Burell.

  17. Rumpy says:


  18. Steve says:

    Definitely gotta go Burrell.

  19. Jason says:


  20. Andy Kline says:

    i haven’t done this in a few days because i have been really busy, but it’s good to be back. gotta go with the Bossman Junior

  21. Brixology says:


  22. Elijah's 6th Love Child says:

    The Duke!

  23. Rick says:

    Surprised not more people going Upton. So I will. Speaking of over/unders, what is Upton’s over/under for most steals in one game this season? I’d put it at 4.5

  24. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Delayed start due to a lighting issue…

  25. Rytor says:

    BJ Upton! [right before first pitch!]

  26. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Only a matter of time before someone goes yard on Petitte… I can hear it in the sound of the bats…

  27. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Aki would’ve hit Kapler home if it weren’t for Derek Jeter clap, clap…blah,blah,blah

  28. Joe D. says:

    Damn MLB audio isn’t working for me at work, does anyone know are the Switch Hitters batting right or left against Pettite today?

  29. Matt says:

    Bossman Junior for sure.

  30. Charles says:

    Any idea why Sonny left after 78 pitches?

  31. i am all for aggressive positioning but there is zero reason why a player with Upton’s speed has a ball get over his head and actually land on the field of play. Off the wall fine. but if it lands in the field before the wall Upton should be able to catch that. if not, he is playing TOO shallow.

  32. Hazleton PA says:

    F*******************************ck!!!! Wow Wheeler, Balfour and Percival look like crap, Balfour is not pitching at 93-94, down at 89 and oh so hittable at that velocity…. Percival just plain has no more stuff. And should be cut right now…. Wheeler, looks bad too… Put Niemann and Sonnanstine in the ‘pen, go closer by commitee until we figure it out, bring up Davis and Price and be done….

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