This gameday open thread will have two parts and it is all user-generated…

  • Up until first pitch, use the comments section to predict who you think will be the Sunburst Player of the Game. (be sure to use a valid email address while leaving the comment). The commenter that correctly predicts who we will name the Sunburst Player of the Game the most times prior to the all-star game, will win two tickets to a second-half game. Runners-up get their choice of a t-shirt. [Click HERE for rules]
  • Once the game starts, the GBT open thread will be your thoughts during the game of what you think are The Good, The Bad and/or The Telling moments of the game.




  1. Brett says:

    Sunburst POG: Pat The Bat

  2. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Going out on a limb, waaay out on a limb (so we can see eye to eye) :
    Jeff Niemann.

    Still looking for my 1st correct SPOTG

  3. KillaTapes says:

    This is a long shot but I’m goin’ with Aybar

  4. cougar says:

    im going with the bullpen……HAH

    ok that was a funny one

    seriously though….bossman jr is my pick for the award formerly known as bpdpotg

  5. MikeD says:

    Aki Aki Aki – again – gotta get it right one of these times

  6. jsess813 says:

    I wanna say Willy but idk if he’s playing… so I’ll go with El Gato

  7. steve-o1285 says:

    Man I suck at this…but I’ll go with BJ Upton.

  8. leningan says:

    The Bat

  9. Rayhawk says:

    I have one……..Beginners luck, i say our right fielder, either Ben or Gabe Gross. Can i do that?

  10. Adrian says:

    CCCCCCCCCCCCCC as in Carl Crawford

    • Dirtbag Fan says:

      You must mean CARL Cale Calvin Chris Craig Cam Casper Charlie Clancy Clarence Corbin Cranston Carter CRAWFORD.

      Good choice.
      (And yes, that’s the right amount of C’s.)

  11. Possum Avenger says:

    Percy? ahahahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah right.

    I’ll take the Pena.

  12. AnyRayPossible says:


  13. Rumpy says:

    I believe Niemann will come out and pitch a good game but my gut says go with Upton. Upton is my choice.

  14. WiNKy says:

    Carl Crawford

  15. TheRevTy says:

    I’m going with Mr. Upton.

  16. MSfollower says:


  17. Mark says:

    Aki is sitting this one out tonight for the two who picked him…

    I’m going to pick Carlos.

  18. Dave says:

    Jason Barlett. Not only will he b*tch slap AJ Pierznetski in a run down, he’ll have a good night at the plate.

  19. Martin B says:

    Hope I got in on Time. Going to go with BJ Upton

  20. Chris says:

    Nice work Balfour.

    Kevin Kennedy remains godawful.

  21. steve-o1285 says:

    The Bad: Everything

    But really, runs are fun…we should try to score some.

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