Recently the St. Pete Times introduced a new feature in their various sports blogs, a video report called the “Midday sports report.”  We were excited. We wondered what might this new feature bring? Might it be Marc Topkin’s musings on various Rays topics? Might Joe Smith reveal his true identity? The introduction of a vlog seemed like a logical step for a newspaper as it tries to keep pace with new age media. The possibilities seemed endless.

Then we watched one. And we watched another. And what did we see? A 90-second promotional video telling us what St. Pete Times reporters will be writing…sometime in the future.

We would rather spend 90 seconds staring at Gabe Kapler wearing a spee…Um. Nevermind.

Midday sports report [St. Pete Times]



  1. James Lindsey says:

    Yeah, I thought the same thing first time I watched one. Let's hope it evolves into something useful or else I will start zooming past it like a commercial on my TiVo.

  2. Sean G says:

    What's up with the "just got out of bed" look? Is that supposed to give the "blog" street cred? It screams "Look, we are real bloggers!" next thing you know they will have some female intern calling out and asking if she should bring the meatloaf down to the basement.

  3. Joe D. says:

    Lame, Reminds me of when your watching TV, and the News anchor comes in with their 5 second plug, "tune in to the 11 0'clock news to see why Polk county residence should be boiling water."

    Except it's 90 seconds long, and it's on a web site, so you have to go out of your way to watch it...FAILED!!!

  4. Hey, go easy on the TV News guys!

    I'm sure this will evolve eventually... I think the problem is that they're trying to do too much over there with too little resources. A sports video blog is a great idea... you just can't produce a good one without time. It takes a little planning and a little thought. The other problem with video blogs like that is that all the major sports leagues won't let you use their video online. And it's rough making videos when you don't have the images you are referring to.


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