Three years ago on Rays Index we told you about the Rays new “Cowbell” campaign. We laughed at the time…OK, we still giggle a little…but the campaign has stuck and many fans embrace it.

I Need More Cowbell! [Rays Index]





  1. steve-o1285 says:

    And all of us have died a little inside.

  2. Brixology says:

    Agreed. I sit across the aisle from one of the fathers of the "left, right, left" movement, which (loudly) incorporates those demon bells. I'm getting close to earplugs. While I'm at it, the "left, right, left" thing doesn't work. It's too long of a walk and you can't see the guy sit down, so the climax of a looooooong series of "lefts" and "rights" is dependent on a guess by all the participants at when they will say "sit down." We need something new. Also, while I'm at it, they have been using 7 Nation Army at the wrong time. While the first reliever is warming up and there is no buzz. Plus, they need to play the track with the voices saying "oh." People don't know what to do. It seems like it's always everyone's first trip to the Trop. For example, they show a clip of a funny old dude during Cotton Eye Joe. Every. Time. They. Play. It. Don't get me wrong, it's amusing. But every time, it gets a big laugh and everyone looks around to figure out where the guy is sitting. I may be rambling. Two more things: First, George Lopez was at the game last night and everyone was REALLY excited. Second, the reaction to Percival was hilarious. Smattering of boos, lots of silence. His performance was met with cursing and then collective sighs of relief. People can't stand the guy. Not a single encouraging word. Maybe he shouldn't have ditched during the playoffs... I'm done now.

  3. Andy says:

    My issues with the 'left, right' thing.

    1. It's stolen from the Gators, who in turn stole it from the Hoosiers basketball team.
    2. People at the Trop just chant it, rather than watch when the players actually step, which is part of the amusement of the chant (sometimes the players themselves will change their gait to try and throw off the fans, leading to some fun moments).
    3. You're also supposed to say 'step...step' before you say 'sit down' as they are going back down into the dugout, which no one does. If you're going to rip something, at least do it right.


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