Gabe Kapler’s divind catch to end the third inning last night was the top play on ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight” Web Gems. Fast forward to 1:08 for Kapler’s catch.

BBTN Web Gems For April 21st [ESPN]



  1. brianknowsbest says:

    It looked like little league basbeall out there in a league with no fences, this "playing in" thing is starting to infuriate me. Last year we played agressive, this year we are playing stupid, theres apoint where your not compensating for anything.

  2. Don says:

    Is anyone happy with one good catch and two
    (2) misplayed (out of position) fly balls????
    Then YOU can consider him a good outfielder...
    not me!

  3. Rumpy says:

    Big friggin deal, he got burned twice and took a horrible angle on another ball. Very frustrating to watch our OF right now...

  4. GH says:

    And somehow it's the number 1 web gem? Might as well have Gomes diving stabs up there with that. Way to make the routine craptacular! Aki's play was far better.


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