Welcome to the 1st Annual Tampa Bay Rays Trade Pool where we determine who is the best at predicting which members of the Rays organization will be traded this season (this contest is based loosely on the “Dead Pool“).

We have invited all members of the Tampa Bay Rays Blogosphere as as well as a couple of outside bloggers.

The Rules:

  • Each blogger submitted a list of 5 players they believe have the greatest chance to be traded this season. All players in the organization are eligible.
  • The bloggers ranked those 5 players, giving the highest rank (#1) to the player they think is most likely to be traded.
  • If one of the players they chose is traded prior to the end of the season, that blogger will receive points based on where the blogger ranked the player. If Aki Iwamura is traded and a blogger has Aki ranked first, they will receive 5 points. If they have Aki ranked second, they will receive 4 points and so on.
  • The blogger with the most points at the end of the season wins.
  • We also want YOUR lists in the comments. Let’s see if you guys can beat the experts. And by “experts” we of course mean 11 people with too much free time on their hands.

Notes on the rankings can be found after the tables…

Notes on the rankings

  • We have invited the individual bloggers to provide comments on their individual rankings in either the comments section here or on their own blogs. We will provide those links as they happen.
  • The difficulty in these rankings is predicting whether the Rays will be “buyers” or “sellers” this season. If they are in the playoff hunt, they are more likely to trade prospects. If they fall off the pace they are more likely to try and move expensive veterans.
  • Below we gave each player an MVP-style point total. That is, every time a player was given a rank of 1, we gave them 5 points. Every time a player was ranked 2nd, we gave them 4 points, and so on. This gives us a sense of which players the Blogosphere thinks is most likely to be traded.
  • As we can see, Reid Brignac and Chad Bradford lead the way with the most first-place rankings (3), but Gabe Gross leads the way with 24 points total and is deemed the most likely to be traded by the group as a whole.
  • Gabe Gross appeared on the most lists (7).
  • 10 different players appeared on more than one list.

Thanks to all who chose to participate including…

Also, you might be asking “What does the winner receive?” We have no idea. Any suggestions?



  1. Thoughts behind my 5...

    Gabe Gross: Whether the Rays are contending or not, Gross is expendable as soon as Joyce is ready and our feeling is that will be no later than the all-star break. Gross just doesn't have the positional felxibility to be on Maddon's bench. so more likely to keep Kapler

    A. Iwamura: If Rays fall off pace, Aki is most likely to be traded. The Rays have Aybar who could easily step in and play everyday, but they also have Brignac and Kennedy in triple-A. If a contender needs a leadoff spark, Aki could be their target. Also, Aki's option for 2010 is probably too expensive for the Rays

    Ruggiano: Will never be more than a 4th OF for the Rays and maybe that is what he will be in 2010, but somebody else may still see a productive everyday player. If they do, he could be part of a package to fetch something useful at the deadline.

    E. Salem: He is that prototypical high-A player that always seems to be part of trade deadline deal. Above average numbers with some upside. Won't be the centerpiece, but could the piece that puts a deal over the top

    Talbot: I just dont think the Rays see a future for Talbot. Still i am hesitant because he adds depth and the Rays LOVE pitching depth. But he will be out of options in 2010, so needs to be moved and could be a trade piece for a pennant run. Other teams will want Davis/Hellickson. The Rays will offer Talbot.

  2. Joe D. says:

    I have:
    1. Burrell
    2. Iwamura
    3. Talbot
    4. Ryan Morse
    5. Shouse

  3. deadeye says:


  4. Dirtbag Fan says:

    I'll explain my 5 on my site, and send u a link.
    I still can't think of a good prize, but the wheels are turning.

  5. Danny says:

    1. Gross
    2. Talbot
    3. Bartlett
    4. Bradford
    5. Brignac

  6. Dirtbag Fan says:

    What, you didn't invite RJ?

    • We invited all off the blogs that we read.

      • Sean G says:

        I had noticed that you stopped linking their site in the Webtopia. Probably a good thing. Way too sensitive over there and then RJ and his 5 sycophants would start screaming and yelling.

        Like my Papi always said, "don't ever fight somebody in a lower weight class, you can't win."

  7. Rayhawk says:


    2. Niemann

    3. Bradford

    4. Percival

    5. Kazmir

  8. BurGi says:

    Okay, my take:
    1 Carl Crawford
    2 Scott Kazmir
    3 Akinori Iwamura
    4 Gabe Gross
    5 Chad Bradford

  9. Mike B says:

    You say there are no more original ideas and yet at least once a month I find myself thinking "hey, I wish I had thought of that."

    I love this post.

    My 1.5 cents

    1. Niemann
    2. Talbot
    3. Kapler
    4. Percival (to a contender if Rays are too far back)
    5. Shouse (ditto, everybody wants pitching in July)

  10. Scott says:

    I want back in! Trying to work my way back into the mix now.
    1. Jeff Niemann
    2. Carl Crawford
    3. Dan Wheeler
    4. Akinori Iwamura
    5. Willy Aybar

  11. SalaryDump2009 says:

    Rays might be out of it early and may look to dump salary. There are little fish that will go before, but what the heck:

    1. Burrell
    2. Aki
    3. Crawford
    4. Kaz
    5. Wheeler

  12. Jizz Free says:

    If were in contention than i have:


    If were out of the race than:


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  15. kCap says:

    The rays think they have the best team because all of them are yooung and have the greatest ever team. Wrong. They don't have the best team and they need to make some trades. I'm thinking Kazmir and Wheeler and maybe a minors player and pick up victor martinez. This is a circus.. If they want in the playoffs.. They need to do something about it.

  16. So, in the event that NO ONE voted for was traded...what happens then? 🙂

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