phphzt4ZeWe have no idea why some people are so obsessed with what comes out of the mouth of a certain ex-Red Sox pitcher that shall not be named.

Some things to consider…

  • The Rays starting pitching corps are deep and cheap.
  • Stuart Sternberg made it clear that the Rays have zero payroll flexibility
  • The unnamed pitcher has said previously he would want to pitch for the Rays and then later on did not even list the Rays among the teams he would be willing to sign with.
  • The unnamed pitcher is 42 and hasn’t pitched since 2007 and is likely no better of an option than Jason Hammel or Mitch Talbot.
  • The unnamed pitcher has a desperate need to be relevant and it sickens us that we have to waste more than 15 seconds discussing this just because he opened his mouth and the word “Rays” came out.

Nothing to see here. Please keep moving.



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