php7mGrjCRecently we wondered aloud if Wade Davis might actually be closer to being ready for the majors than David Price. Buster Olney spoke with one AL official who makes it sound as if Davis is ready for the big leagues right now.

Wade Davis of the Rays was the most impressive young minor leaguer I saw this spring. He throws 95 mph, and one of the days I saw him, he was unhittable. And right now, all of the Rays’ young players look pretty good.”

At this point Davis has more experience, is more polished and will be able to throw more innings in 2009. Obviously a lot can change if Price establishes better command of his fastball in the next month or two, but we still feel Davis will get the first call when and if the Rays make a change to the rotation.

Is Wade Davis Closer To The Majors Than David Price? [Rays Index]



  1. Justin says:

    Prof, right now could you trade Niemann and Hammel, and then bring up Davis?

    Or is that just insanity?

    • It is not a crazy idea and I don't think you would find much argument that Davis could be just as good as the other two right now.

      But two factors. First, the Rays are a bit of a conservative and careful team. Trading two pitchers seems a little radical for them. Second, the Rays are sellers and may be the only seller right now offering starting pitchers. So it is in their best interest to limit supply. If two pitchers are available the price for each would be less than if they say they are only trading one. That way they have 6 teams bidding for one player.

  2. brianknowsbest says:

    I tihnk you are jumping the gun. David price is next in line no question about it. If you read the line "younger prospect". He wasnt comparing him to the Tommy Hanson, Zimmerman, and David Prices of the world. Make no sense that they would send down wade Davis 2 weeks earlier than Price, and than Bring up Wade. Price, had better stats than anyone competing for the 5th spot including Davis. Davis' only chance for a roatition spot this year is an injury, in my opinion and I think thats how the front office is looking at it. He is there reserves.

  3. Dirtbag Fan says:

    I could fathom a world with Davis being called up first... remember its not the "Rays way" to hurry a prospect, and i don't think they'll hurry Price just because he's the big name or because of public outcry...


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