The Mad AustralianThe Mad Australian

We don’t need a ‘Nation’…We don’t need an ‘Empire’…All we need is a cold beverage, good music and better baseball. We are THE RAYSHEAD ARMY.

We have a day job, we have a wife and we have a dog. Which means if we are to justify the amount of time we spend in this here corner of the interwebs, it helps if we generate a little income, even if it is just enough to pay for our beer on the weekends. And thanks to everybody that bought t-shirts season, we bought a lot of beer. Thank you!

This season we have made a few changes to the Rays Index Store. We have pared down the inventory to the most popular models and even added a couple of new selections. We also switched to a standard-weight t-shirt (as opposed to the heavyweight T’s we used last season). This seemed to be the preference of many and it has the added bonus of being cheaper. This year the shirts are about $4 cheaper. Yay! Everybody wins!

So have a look at the different styles below (click on any image to be taken to the store) or click on the link to the store in the side panel. And as usual, we accept requests.

Bossman JrBossman Jr
King DavidKing David
Rayshead ArmyRayshead Army
Rayshead ArmyRayshead
Buck FostonBuck Foston
Yuck the FankeesYuck the Fankees
Blue Rayshead TankBlue Rayshead Tank
White Rayshead TankWhite Rayshead Tank
White Rayshead

White Rayshead



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